Master Travel Photography Tips from Destination Wedding Photographer

Photography is a part of your journey, if you admire the place where you have traveled, clicking good pictures will come natural to you. If you love eating exotic foods, seeing new places and meeting new faces, travel photography might be the right profession for you as you can be able to earn while traveling to fun places. It is an experience which only you have the privilege to explore along with a few others. Let’s check out some tips from renowned destination wedding photographers in Delhi and around the world.


Use bungee Cords- The bungee cords are a tough wire which can bare a lot of weight and has hooks at the each of the ends. While traveling there is a weight limit which you can carry according to the airport. Carrying those huge camera stands can become a pain in your head because they take space also and are a moderate amount of heavy. So what you can do is carry a single stand for your camera and other cameras can be mounted to the bungee cords and attached to a pole or if the wedding is in the open then find a tree and mount your camera to that.


Prepare a list of the things you need- Often while traveling this happens that you pack everything you need from camera equipment to clothing to toiletries but even then you forget something or the other. This is something you can learn from your first experience. Whenever you travel to a place make a list of what all you are carrying and that way you can follow that list on your next trip. If you forgot something in your previous trip make a note of that so that those things are also added in your next luggage.

Do some charity work- By charity work I do not mean to visit to some NGO and donate some amount, from the charity I mean that travel to some rural place and talk to the people around and click some pictures of the issue. You can then write a blog on this issue and hopefully, people would listen to it and come forward to help. This is the power of words and pictures.

Use Ziploc bags for your camera lenses- While traveling to someplace humid, you have to be extremely careful of keeping the moisture out of your lenses as that can ruin your thousands of rupees/dollars of investment. Ziploc bags keep the moisture out of the bag and your inner content remains safe. Also, don’t forget to put the lens cover on your camera lens while you are not using it.

Bonus- While going from your AC room to outside place in a humid region your camera lens will fog, so keep in mind to keep your lens cover and camera cover on and as well as keep your lens in a Ziploc bag.



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