Well we all know that chrysanthemums are not you daily kind of flower that you would choose to gift to your loved ones, but little do we know that they have meanings as powerful as the ones we normally do gift to them, and they are breathtakingly beautiful and very pleasing to look at.

So, for those of you who don’t know the significance of the different colors of chrysanthemums, I am going to list them out for you and I would ask you to think out of the box and go for something new, rather than your regular lilies and orchids.

  1. Red Chrysanthemums

As we all probably already know, it is a worldwide assumption that red is the color of love, and hence the meaning of the red chrysanthemums, the red ones symbolize deep love and passion for your special someone and it expresses that they really are extremely special to you.

  1. Yellow Chrysanthemums

Usually yellow is a cheerful and happy color, since it is bright and makes you feel happy to be around, and so signifies the sunflower, BUT, the yellow chrysanthemums evidently, don’t symbolize anything of the sort. Yellow chrysanthemums signify the dark feeling of neglected love, or sadness. I get it that it’s a weird gesture to send someone that rejected you, a bouquet of lovely looking chrysanthemums, but that actually could also make it a tiny gesture for them to know that it really broke you when you were rejected by them. Assuming, of course, that they know the meaning to it.

  1. White Chrysanthemums

When it comes to flowers, white is the color that signifies purity, and it is the same with chrysanthemums as well. The white chrysanthemums symbolize loyalty and honesty towards a person for whom they were meant to be. It shows that whatever may happen, your feelings for them are completely pure and you would be loyal to them no matter what.

  1. Violet Chrysanthemums

Yes, you read it right. Violet. It’s an amazing color, and the fact that not many flowers have this serene color is pretty unfortunate. But, how beautiful the color may be has no connection to what it means whatsoever. Turns out, the violet chrysanthemums are a flower that you usually give to the people who are not well as a get well soon gift, or to pay condolences to a person.

Well, there you have it, the 4 colors of chrysanthemums and their meanings. Just a piece of advice for when you send flowers online, make sure the receiver knows the meaning of the flowers before you send them so it becomes much more meaningful for the person who is receiving them.

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