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More About Land Rover Discovery Sizes and Dimensions

With excellent accommodations of seven passengers, the Land Rover Discovery is a comfortable, spacious and perfect SUV for your family and friends on long trips on or off-road. You can also find other cars like Volvo XC90 and Audi Q7 in the same line – but the Discovery is probably the best fit for your life. Let’s dig deeper into specs and dimensions.

Exterior Dimensions:

The standard length of the Discover is 4,970mm – evidently longer than an XC90 by 20mm and shorter than a Q7 by 82mm. Despite its massive length, it could still be parked parallel in more spaces that could be a Q7.

When it comes to width, the 2,220mm Discovery is sufficiently plump in comparison to the 2,008mm XC90 and 2,212mm Q7 – on width restricted roads it feels a bit like a steering a container ship through the Panama Canal. Even the one with 1,888mm length is taller than the 1,740MM Audi and 1, 776mm Volvo which makes it look the largest of the three.

Interior Dimensions:

Thankfully, the Discovery’s enormous exterior gives way for a spacious interior. It comes up with loads of room up front, and an enormous 1, 016mm of headroom. That’s 55mm less than in the Audi Q7, and 18mm more than in the Volvo XC90. it has 991mm headroom in the back, sitting between the Q7 and XC90 that follow 1,016mm and 923mm respectively. Unlike Audi or Volvo, legroom, however, is not quite impressive. Still, it’s plenty roomy.

In terms of space between the front and rear wheels, called wheelbase, the Land Rover follows a similar theme – at 2, 923mm, something between the 2984mm Volvo and 2794mm Audi, offering more room and comfort to the third-row passengers than  Q7. Wheelbase is the space between the centers of the front and rear wheels.

Boot Space:

According to Land Rover Service Greensboro NC experts, The Land Rover comes up with an impressive 258 liters Boot Space with all seven seats up, meaning seven liters more than the boot in a VW Up city car. However, in terms of capacity, the Land Rover is a little behind the 314 liters Volvo and the 295-liter Audi with seven seats up.

Turn the rearmost pair of seats down and you have 1,137 liters of space – absolutely perfect for a family car. For comparison, the XC90 comes with 1,102 liters and the Q7 – 770 liters. By flipping all the rear seats down the in the Discover, you will be left with 2,406 liters of space – that’s 400 liters more than the other two at maximum capacity. However, much like Volvo and Audi, the Land Rover does determine the boot capacity to the roof instead of the bottom of the windows.

Fuel Tank and Turning Circle:

The Discovery is ideal for long treks in the countryside, all credits to a fairly large fuel tank. The size varies depending on the engine you pick. Usually, The fuel tank size in the Discovery ranges between a substantial 77 liters and an enormous 90 liters – that’s almost in line with the Q7 and XC90. Once you fill up your 2.0-liter diesel Discovery, you can almost cover 730 miles before the next fill-up.

In terms of U-turns and tight maneuvering, the Land Rover is pretty agile for its size. It sports a 12.3-meter turning circle which is by and large same as the 12.4-meter Q7 and a bit worse than the 11.9-meter XC90.

Weight and Towing Capacity:

With around 2,200kgs, the Discovery looks pretty bulky, however, it weighs roughly the same as an XC90. The Q7 is a bit lighter at around 2,000kgs, which means it feels a bit sharper in the corners.

On the flip side, the Discovery is good for towing. The model with a powerful six-cylinder diesel engine can produce amazing power on the road. It is capable of pulling a 3,500kg braked trailer. Irrespective of the similarities with the Q7 in terms of features and configurations, you can still get the optional air suspension in the Audi – sans air-ride, the Q7 has the capacity to tow a total of 2,800kg. The XC90 can tow 2,700kg. You can also use carry on luggage size boxes to determine cargo capacity with the rear seats in place as well as used.

2017 Land Rover Discovery:

With both of its rear rows pulled down, you will be treated to a spacious cabin which evidently makes it the most accommodating for the carry-on luggage test, outscoring all newcomers in the matchup.

What’s New for 2018?

Since Land Rover has not tweaked the Discovery’s interior packaging for 2018, it remains as expected as commodious and accommodating as last year’s model.

Overall the 2018 Land Rover Discovery is an impressive car. To keep it in good condition, come on for Land Rover repair Greensboro for routine maintenance, servicing, and repair.

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