Most Common Types of Canadian Work Visa

Working Holiday Visa Canada

Among the various Visas available, the “Working Holiday Visa Canada” has achieved great popularity in recent years. This visa is granted to those aged between 18 and 35, provided that the subject comes from certain countries belonging to the Old Continent.

It is characterized by a maximum duration of 6 months and the limited number available for each country that has the right.

Canada Study Permit

Students are invited to study, the Canada Study Permit which, however, can’t be considered a real work permit. In this case, the main reason for the transfer must remain the study, while employment is considered an additional “benefit” aimed primarily at ensuring an easier stay in the phase of completion of the training. This is a valid initiative for those who want to gain experience abroad during the university years.

For students who go to Canada for study purposes, it is not by chance that a study permit is suggested. In this way, a possible extension of the permanence can’t give rise to any bureaucratic problem.

Canada Permanent Resident Card

One of the most coveted visas is the “Permanent Resident Card”, which allows you to enjoy a number of rights almost equal to what is due to citizens born in Canada. It can be obtained through different methods, united by the complexity of the procedure.

A qualified worker can get permanent residency following the assessment of a long series of requirements: age, level of education and language achieved, previous work experience, status of the criminal record and adaptability to the social life of the new country. On the basis of these elements the applicant will be assigned a score and only reaching a minimum threshold will be entitled to the Permanent Resident Card.

Investors and entrepreneurs are included in a category, called “Business Band”, for which particular requirements are required: experience in the business world, a business network of a certain amount and willingness to invest a figure of no less than $ 400,000 Canadians. Other categories for which the request for the Permanent Resident Card is admitted include cases of family reunification, Provincial appointments and International Adoptions.

If, as indicated in the previous paragraph, some nations can rely on particular agreements for the entry of workers from abroad, others may even enjoy admission without visas. The United States, whose citizens have the right to cross the borders with Canada and to settle in the territory without having to undergo any restrictions, are on the list.

Canadian Working Visa for Students and New Graduates

New graduates at a Canadian institution are entitled to apply for an open visa, already nominated at the beginning of the article. This document allows them to stay in Canada to work.

The visa duration is bound to vary according to the qualification achieved but, in any case, it cannot be extended for a period of more than 3 years.

Similarly, a student with a student visa can work during the period of study without being obliged to obtain other types of permits, provided that the work is committed for a maximum of 20 hours per week. In the break period between the semesters, full-time work is permitted.

Visa for Short-Term and Seasonal Jobs

Some special cases, such as part-time jobs, seasonal jobs and fixed-term contracts, should not be overlooked and some short-term jobs belonging to certain specialized sectors, for which no specific visa is required, should not be forgotten. All these typed of information can be explored by your Canada immigration consultants

They have the right to this advantage performers, artists, athletes, those involved in the journalistic field and some particular figures operating in the advertising sector. A complete list of the categories that can enjoy this “privilege” can be viewed on the official website of the Canadian government.

Another figure that deserves to be considered is that of seasonal agricultural worker. The employer will be able to help these workers to fill in the application for the SAWP (acronym for Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program).

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