Mumbai: The heart and soul of India

There is no other city quite like Mumbai in India. From a rich history to a rich cultural life, there is nothing this city lacks in. With a population of over 12 million people, it is the most populous city in the country; combined with the metropolitan area, the population comprises of over 21 million people. It is mostly built on reclaimed land; this process was first initiated by the British in the late 19th century and continues to this day. Its history can be traced back to over a thousand years and time has been kind, as one can still find remnants of the old age till today.

Mumbai is also the economic capital of India, with a host of trading centres and stock exchanges in the country. All of the economic trading means that the influx of money is massive, which also leads to Mumbai being the home to the most number of millionaires and billionaires in the country. It is usually a hot and tropical region and stays this way all year round. There are many things one can do and many places they can visit when they come to Mumbai.

Some popular places are:

Marine drive: This three-kilometre long coastline is a feature in many Bollywood films and can be seen teeming with people in and around the area during, evening and night time. It starts from Nariman point and ends at the famous Chowpatty beach. The sunsets here are one of the most famous ones and are said to the most beautiful sunset one can witness in Mumbai.

Gateway of India: The gateway was built to commemorate the arrival of King George V in Mumbai in 1924, by the British. This was also a way for them to assert their dominance and reign over India. Since then it has become a symbol that demarcates as a point for one of India’s most important ports. It is a popular tourist destination and one can find a lot of crowd in the area. it resembles an arc and is one of many similar designs around the world.

WorliSeaface: A hangout spot where it overlooks the famous Sea link from Bandra, this makes for a very picturesque sight and is on the list of almost every tourist and visitor. One can get a great view of the sun passing through the cables of the bridge. It is open 24hrs a day and one can come for pleasant morning jogs and enjoy the nice sea breeze. The rich and famous of Mumbai reside near this area and one can easily bump into some celebrity.

There are many more places which are worth a visit; in fact, if one went about finding all the places which should be visited, it would take a long time before one can visit each place. One can find Delhi Mumbai Flights schedule on any website and book accordingly. It is a city of dreams and wonders and its charm is sure to rub off on people, the sheer joyousness of the city is what makes it worth a visit.

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