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Need To Integrate The Poynt Smart Terminal In Your Business?

Poynt is a system terminal which enhances the payment experience of customers and business owners. It is a cutting edge payment solution that enables easy payment experience. Poynt is perfect for businesses such as restaurants, bars, and retail stores. When it comes to payments, the Poynt Smart Terminal plays a vital role in helping merchants manage their business in the best possible ways.

Some unique features of the Poynt Smart Terminal include the following:

  • Mobile;

The Poynt payment solution is one which is mobile, meaning you can move around with it to take orders from costumers. And this makes it very easy to use for merchants and business owners.

  • Accepts different types of payment;

Whatever the means of payment is, rest assured that the Poynt payment solution will be able to accept it. From gift cards to EMV cards and others, the Poynt Smart Terminal can process it all.

Furthermore, the Poyntpos¬†has the ability to scan QR codes. So, whether it’s Android Pay, Apple Pay, or any other payment mode that requires the ause of barcodes, the Poynt Payment solution can handle it all.

  • Well secured;

It comes with a processor which secures all payment information by making use of end to end encryption. So with this, all payments accepted through it and payment details are secured from any potential security threat.

  • Wireless;

The Poynt payment solution is WiFi enabled, and with this, business owners can take checkout to customers from anywhere.

  • Additional features;

The Poynt Smart Terminal is pre-installed with valuable apps such as analytics tools, register, manual entry, and lots more. This apps help merchants in managing payments in their business.

Moolah is a leading credit card processing company that can help you integrate the Poynt terminal in your business. Whether you are a small business or a growing one that wants to upgrade your mobile payments solution, you can let Moolah do that for you at the most affordable rates.

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