Potential Dangers of Teeth Whitening Using Activated Charcoal

A new teeth whitening trend known as teeth whitening using activated charcoal is gaining popularity. It’s considered an all-natural way of whitening one’s teeth. Many people have made claims that the product is a complete oral health cure, and it’s miraculously life-changing. What they fail to realise is that though charcoal has the ability to absorb bacteria, it could be extremely dangerous. This is because of the high potential of long-term effects, which can be irreversible.

How Does It Work?

Using charcoal isn’t exactly a new thing. The technique is a revival of ancient medicine. The particles of charcoal are only effective when they’re activated. They bind to everything in its way, including plaque, bacteria, stains or any other element which is found in your mouth. However, remember that it’s possible for the stained particles to venture deeper within the dentin which is situated underneath the enamel layer. Hence, activated charcoal may give you a whiter smile, but only temporarily.

What Are Some Concerns About Teeth Whitening Using Charcoal?

Other concerns are the elimination of good bacteria which help with digestion, the loss of various healthy teeth elements, and the danger un-activated charcoal particles present. Taking activated charcoal might result in gastrointestinal side effects too, such as vomiting, darkening of stool and in some cases, constipation. In others, it’s resulted in more severe cases such as bowel obstruction. Incidents of it causing an electrolyte imbalance and dehydration have been reported too. None of the potential and proved side effects is worth taking the risk for when fast, effective and safe whitening methods are available.

What Are Some Other Safer Alternatives?

Most dentists can offer alternative teeth whitening methods which are professional and very effective. They’re specifically designed to break up the stains without damaging the enamel. There’s a very delicate balance which must be achieved when whitening teeth to completely eradicate stains without harming the enamel. Also, professional teeth whitening treatments have been tested in labs over a long period of time to ensure their safety. It’s a job that’s best left to your dentists’ expertise. They can ensure your appearance and health, both remain in immaculate condition. Their methods are not only safer, but also convenient.

When it comes to your smile, it’s best to leave things to professionals who know what they’re doing. Unlike our hair and skin, teeth enamel doesn’t grow back. Once lost, it’s gone forever. If you think your smile’s looking dull and lifeless, call your dentist instead of looking for solutions on the internet.

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