Rules to follow for a perfect web design

A website is now considered to be the face of company. It is the first take of the potential client and customers, which forms an everlasting impression on their mind. This of course reflects the fact that how much impact does the website creates; it means your website should pose some unique features and latest trend for a successful venture.

Keeping this in mind, we are presenting some very useful tips and suggestion for the developers, which could help them to give visitors some good content and plenty of choices.

  • Simplicity

Certainly yes, this factor holds the key to every successful website. One should keep the design very simple, tidy and easy to mange. Flooding too much stuff into each page, causes confusion to the visitor, hence they turn to opt some other manageable site. Basically, visitor looks for the services which are fast and easily feasible. If the visitor is presented with very busy site they feel frustrated, also it is very annoying to scan several rows, pages and give extra effort to read and search for basic information. Hence, it is advised to keep the site simple and smoother for better visitor services.

  • Navigation

Navigation plays a very vital part in the success. Certainly, a good navigational site has the potential to hold the viewer on the site for longer duration. Visitor should feel easy and free to find their way around the website and certainly feel confident as where they would be taken after clicking any hyperlink or tabs. To ensure this, pages should be well organized from top to bottom design, tabs should be labeled, and hyperlink should be made visible and attractive.

  • Colour

Putting the right colour combination on your site, would specifically increase your visitor. The consistency is must in colour combination, as it becomes the part of the brand after you use it once. Generally, one should avoid picking bright colours for the background of page as well as for the text to be displayed, it simply is unacceptable. Colours should be bright but at the same time it should complement the other visual content on the page like images, texts and photographs. Being a very important design element, colour particularly reflects some idea of the website like its main target age group and gender.

  • Consistency

In search of being different from others, don’t differentiate your web pages, as most of the developers do. It is a common mistake but really a costly one for the owners; one should keep every web page similar and relative to the site. Consistency should be followed in every design element from colours, font size, and text to design, pictures, navigation area and logos. It is possibly the best way to create a much more professional and accurate website.

  • Include call to action

After putting all the hard work while creating the design of the site, putting unique features; one often ignore this basic requirement which later turn to be the big cause of their failure. There should be some call to action for the visitor to indulge them more deeply to the site. Also, give them a solid reason to return by offering them the best deal, updated content and solid appearance.

There is a basic reason why Indian e-commerce site are better than rest of the world, because of their presence of mind, their efficiency and the tactics.  One could stretch to a website development company in India, for creating a good website which would be capable of generating revenue and increasing traffic.

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