Some Unmistakable Facts about the Majestic Bangalore Palace


Do not miss on including a visit to the popular Bangalore Palace on your visit to the city. The palace, one of the top attraction to this glitzy city has been known to pull in crowds from all over the world. Before you visit it, here are some interesting facts you need to know about the palace.

Bangalore is one of the best places to visit in India. From the city portraying a fine balance between modernization and preserving the natural beauty of the city, the city has come a long way to making it into the books as one of the most loved tourist destinations in the country. Bangalore has a host of tourist attractions in the city. One of the standouts amongst the historical sites in the city is the majestic Bangalore Palace. This palace is one place you cannot miss to visit before heading out of the city via the Bangalore to Coimbatore flights or any other flights you choose to head back to your destination. There are many interesting facts about this beautiful palace that one should know before visiting it. Here are a few of them.

  • Bangalore Palace used to be the private royal residence of the Wodeyars, but now it is owned by none other than the Mysore royal family.
  • The palace has a huge gallery where you can witness a collection of both local and international paintings, portraits and photos of the royal families and a good line of amazing hunting trophies.
  • The Indians might have mastered the skill of copying Hollywood films and stealing melodies from English songs, but contrary to the popular belief, the design of the palace was not stolen from the Windsor Castle of Berkshire.
  • It took a cost of a whopping one million rupees to built the Bangalore Palace in the year 1862 when the value of even a rupee was a fortune.
  • The palace gallery showcases the weird fascination of King Chamaraja Wodeyar with stuffed toys. You will find various body parts of different stuffed animals which might make you cringe a little.
  • The palace is open from 10 am to 6 pm for all visitors. Entry fee is charged at the entrance with various rates for children, adults and tourists. You will also need to pay an extra fee to record videos or take pictures.
  • The Bangalore Palace has now turned into a major concert area where a select group of the biggest worldwide musical sensations has performed. From world-renowned hip-hop stars, R’n’B, pop to heavy metal musicians, this is the ultimate place for music lovers looking to hear and see their musical idols up close.

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