Some valuable Tips for Setting up your Network

Home broadband routers support countless settings for users configuring their private home network. Along with all of the existing options, routers administrator will likely to work with the definite ones frequently while hardly if constantly looking at others. On the other hand, such routers settings are essential for the installation of Netgear WiFi Range Setup, managing, repairing the security and other concerns of the home network.

If you are experiencing a reduction in the speed and increase in buffering and signal breakage on your wireless network then in that case, you have to stick with us to get a definite solution to your problem.

  1. Placement of Router

In order to get the strongest signal of WiFi range, you are supposed to place your router in the bottom of your home that is free from obstructions like walls, metal appliances, electronic gadgets, Bluetooth speakers, treadmill, etc. Do not proceed further if your device is overheated and overloaded from malicious files. Never hide your router and do not complete the process of installation in a congested area. This will result in least poor connectivity and you will never receive live signals from your main router.

  1. Avoid distance between your Router and other Devices

The distance between your router and other devices like laptop, printers, smartphones, etc. can create a big disaster in the field of signal connectivity.  One can say that such issues are big barriers creating a lot of interference between devices. If you are living in the large house, there are chances that the signals coming out of the main router may not cover every area of home. So in that case, what are you supposed to do? Probably switching to the range extender and provide your entire device the best Internet range so that they can spread their WiFi signals everywhere in the house even backyards.

  • Place your extender and existing router under the same roof.
  • Plug them both into an electric wall socket.
  • Take your smart device and type mywifiext in field of address bar of a most relevant web browser.
  1. Introduce your Device to the Latest Technologies

With the increase in the creation of wireless devices in homes, heavy loaded-bandwidth activities like video streaming, continuously downloading stuff from the Internet, playing games, watching movies, or paying bills online may affect the speed of your signal connectivity. In case you are facing the same issue and your router is running on wireless A, B, G or N, then we would like to suggest that get rid of these and upgrade to Wireless AC. This change will definitely compose an enormous impact in the overall performance of your wireless network.

  1. Take care of your Modem

You probably receive the modem from your Internet Service Provider that would have been a lot helpful in connecting your wired device. If you have an existing modem, then the time has arrived where you are forced to upgrade your device. Also, remember that the router is only helpful if you are using the latest version of modem firmware. Do have a word with your Internet Service Provider regarding the same.

Note: Router’s speed depends upon the Internet signal coming out of main modem.

  1. Get rid of Wireless Interferences

Third-party, neighboring wireless devices, metal appliances like microwaves, juicer, mixture grinder mess a lot with your existing signal that causes poor coverage. So, what you can do is to move your device away from such gadgets that create a lot of interference and also change the name of network name and password from default to your own requirement.

  1. Upgrade the Device Firmware

Mostly what happens that an outdated firmware can also cause poor performance of connectivity and signal breakage? Well, the device manufacturer sends wireless updates with the help of their software, just to make their valuable users aware. Updating of the device timely may help in reducing the weak signals and increasing of good signals.

  1. Set Wireless Security

If you have enabled your personal hotspot, then there are chances that intruders or some other might steal your personal data and have access to the Internet, which will ruin all your bandwidth. If you have created a password, then also you might be on the list of hackers. So, it is a lot important for you to make the use of WEP, WPA or WPA2 security in order to secure the entire system that includes your wireless devices and network.

  1. Setup Automatic Restart

Do you have the option like Netgear Genie Setup to solve all your problems related to connectivity? If not, then we would like to recommend our user to install Netgear Genie app and enjoy the advanced features of security. On the other hand, you can also set a timer so that the router restarts automatically once in a week or month to solve all network-related and signal problems.

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