Storing of biomass wood pellets throughout the year!

The use of biomass wood pellets is increasing by the day; it may be due to the fact that fossil fuels are going down in production or because of the increasing awareness of the advantages of fuel wood pellets. Whatever may be the reason, there are many people who order them and try to store them either outside or inside the house. Unfortunately, there are only a few people who are aware of the preservation methods and lose some part of the pellets due to the seasonal effects. The following are the tips that can help an individual to store the pellets throughout the year without any problem.

Storing outside the house – It is difficult to store the chips outside as the risk factor doubles when compared to storing them inside. However, if there is no choice there are ways to store them perfectly with a bit of hard work. The wood has to be placed on a high ground; if such place is not present then one can make it with the help of logs or bricks. This would reduce the chances of getting damp. Some esteemed companies like Ecostrat chips provide the pellets in safety packaging. So, take out the necessary pellets and seal the package again during the storage. If possible, cover the pellets with the help of a tarpaulin.

Storing inside the house – Select a place that has no chance for the water to remain stagnant and place the pellets in that place. Before placing them, use the package cover given by the wood pellets suppliers to cover the base. A cardboard would be even better to place under the pellets. Keep the pellets away from moisture so that the humidity doesn’t cause the formation of molds.

Storage during summer – Wood pellets are the favorite places for certain small animal species like chipmunks. If there is an accidental dampening of the chips, then with the exposure to the sun they will retain their original form i.e. they will become sawdust. Therefore, previous preparation for summer is important and the fuel wood pellets would be ready to use during the summer.

Storage during fall – If the owners are looking to store the pellets even further than summer, then it is essential to dry the pellets during the summer. When fall arrives, take the required amount of pellets and cover the storage space with tarpaulin. In fall, there is no need to take extra precautions for the preservation.

Storage during winter – Snow can deteriorate the quality of the wood chips gradually. Therefore, extra care has to be taken in the winter to ensure that snow doesn’t penetrate through the packaging at any cost. When the pellets are stored outside, it would be better to have an extra tarpaulin to cover the mass. Further, one has to remove the accumulated snow on top of the pellets.

Storage during spring – In the spring there is no need for any special care and one can leave the stock with the package provided by the wood pellets suppliers.

The above mentioned methods can really help the users to save their wood pellets and use them throughout the year or whenever necessary.

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