Study Environment For Indian Students In Germany

It is surprising that in the last five years, intake of Indian Student in Germany has doubled. At present, nearly 250,000 foreign students currently study in Germany, of which about 4,200 are Indians.

Germany has a superb educational infrastructure along with beautiful cities, flora and fauna. There are hundreds of courses on a diverse range of subjects to choose from and no tuition fee is charged. That means cost of Education is nil. However, you can bear cost of living by part-time job. So, there are no financial constraints in Germany. For more information, you can contact ISA Migrations for any help on this issue.

Student Life in Germany


The life of a Indian student in Germany is quite amazing and exciting. Learning German language is not a prerequisite as courses are also taught in English and other languages. However, it is better if one can learn the German language as the people of Germany appreciate the effort of learning German Language.  Unlike India Germany is Developed Economy and there are better chances of getting job.

Cosmopolitan Culture

Germany is a cosmopolitan country and you would find blend of various cultures: France, Russia and other countries. Then also there is low racial discrimination. So Germany is relatively safer for Indian Students. Just like Mumbai, Apart from campus life, the night life in Germany is also quite vibrant and there is a large number of happening places to eat, drink and enjoy the time. People of Germany give a warm welcome and you can easily socialise in Germany.

Transportation and Health Insurance

Population of Germany is very low compared to India. Population of Germany is only 82.7 million. Consequently housing facilities are not difficult to find. Moreover, there are many transportation options available in Germany and generally there is   no problem moving around the country.  Unlike India, health insurance is compulsory for all students.


Apart from studies student can enjoy plenty of activities in Germany. The country has numerous places to explore where one can travel and get involved into various activities like hiking, cycling, canoeing etc. Famous German cities like Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg, Hamburg etc. can be a great experience for Indian Students.

You can easily   travel to the neighbouring countries like Austria, Poland, Netherlands and others.

Food and temperature

Apart from sights, German drinks and food is also a major attraction. However, there is food problem especially for the vegetarians. Also, finding spices similar to India is difficult to get. Apart from food, temperature in Germany is low, so Indian students have to adjust themselves.

Apt University

Normally Indian students do not know German Language. So they will have to choose and get selected in that University where courses are taught in English. Both the aspects are necessary: the availability of University delivering education in English and then selection to that University

Scholarship for technical subjects

Generally, tuition fee is not charged in Universities of Germany. In some cases scholarship is also available for Indian Students. For Indian students it is relatively more difficult  to get scholarship in technical subjects

Quality of Life

Quality of life for Indian students is good in Germany. Quality of life encompasses general well-being of individuals and societies, and outlines negative and positive features of life. It is concerned with life satisfaction, including everything from family, physical health, religious beliefs, education, employment, wealth, finance and the environment.

Overall, Germany offers an Indian student, a rich and vibrant lifestyle with less financial burden which can be immensely beneficial to enrich your life. So, Study in Germany for Indian Students can generate several opportunities for studying in Germany.

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