Surprise Your Loved One and Family with Collections of Designer Cakes

It is easy to buy a cake and gift. But, did you think about any creativity in cake? The talented cake experts are making such cakes in different forms. This will attract people who wishes to receive cake. Did you ever come across a cake that not only resembles an eatable item but give you can image of something else? Did you see a presentation of a cricket pitch over the cake you have ordered? Did you come across the cakes in car shape? You can now easily send designer cake to India for your friends and families. If you are staying in an outside country, there are online service to make payment online.

Collection of designer cakes

Camera shaped cakecamDid you ever see a cake that looks exactly like a camera? This will be a best gift for a friend who have a passion of photography. The image of SLR or DSLR camera will never make him feel that it is a cake. You can gift it to him in any occasion. May it be an anniversary or birthday? Check the best one online.

Doll shaped cake

Your little princes staying far from you will be expecting a gift on her birthday. You can now surprise her with a cake that is having an exact shape of a doll. You can now send designer cake where your daughter stays. The doll is very elegant and beautiful. This will be probably the best gift for her in her birthday.

Holi cake

These days cakes has become an emblem for every occasion. It is not just restricted to the birthday and anniversary. You will easily understand it through this beautiful cake sprinkled with colors. Holi is the festival of colors. This is the day when people play with colors. You can now gift this colorful holi theme cake to your family staying in India.

Cricket pitch cake

Are you going to celebrate birthday of your father or grandfather? Are they fond of cricket matches? This beautiful cake with the cricket pitch as the theme is really wonderful. You can see the green color surface where the cricket is played. The bat, ball, pitch and wickets are planted. It is really an amazing gift for people loving the cricket game.

Gym cake

Do you have anyone among your friends and relatives who loves staying fit? This gym theme cake will be a lovely gift for him on his birthday. This fun cake with total apparatus set for the gym is lovely. If you see it live, the effect will be better. It is the time to order it without a second thought.

Makeup design cake

If you have a fiancée or girlfriend, they would love to get surprises from you.  I am sure they are fond of makeups. You can now gift a cake which is exactly like a makeup set. You can even make her confused by saying that you bought a makeup set for her. They after touching she will find it is a cake. This is the best way to make her surprised.

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