Symptoms along with treatment of leukaemia

The moment leukaemia develops, the cells take over the bone marrow. In a way the functioning of the normal blood cells goes in for a toss. All the functions of the normal three cell lines are disturbed and you can say along with their functions at the same time. Now let us understand more about them

  • They are indeed abnormal cells and you cannot expect them to do what the normal cells will do. You cannot expect them to ward off infections. This is one of the reasons why people of leukaemia are prone to infections. In the midst of this they do have fevers as well.
  • They take out the normal performing red blood cells. For this reason you cannot find enough amounts of red blood cells that will help to carry oxygen. Because of this precise reason patients do go on to become tired. Here you need to take into consideration that there are not enough platelets to help in bruising or bleeding

When you evaluate the treatment procedure it is very complex. It varies to the extent of the disease and you can say that it is not the same for each and every patient. It not only depends upon the type but here the role of the cancer cells also come into prominence. The disease stage and whether the disease has been treated before are also points that you need to be aware of as well. Coupled with the fact the age, general health and overall symptoms have a say.

The most common type of treatment works out to be bone marrow transplant. Here large doses of chemotherapy or radiation are given so that the cancer cells are being destroyed. In some centres it is preferred to opt for the stem cells form a donor.  In terms of a second method you can opt for the graft method as well.  Here the cells of the new bone marrow consider them as cancer cells and then kill them.

Before a few days when the treatment is about to take place, the bone marrow of the patient is being destroyed. You then hand over a new bone marrow to the patient as well. It is handed over in the form of a drip in a bag and it is pretty much like a blood transfusion. Then the new bone marrow makes its way through the blood and then through the bone marrow. It then starts growing on an immediate basis. You need to be aware of the fact that the bone marrow does take a few weeks in order to prevent bleeding or any form of infections. Till that point of time the patients need to be at the hospital and they need to be protected from any infections that could develop.

Another form of treatment would be radiotherapy where high energy rays are provides. This goes on to destroy the cancer cells before it goes on to multiply. You can undertake this leukaemia treatment in India to a specific part of the body.

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