Testosterone Injections- Side Effects Revealed

Testosterone is a naturally present hormone in the body. It is a male hormone that is present in the males, and a small amount of the hormone is also produced in the female body in adrenal and ovaries. Itis used in the body for the development of the male characters in male required in the adolescent years for proper maturation. Another usefulness of the hormone is that it helps in increasing the built. It is due to this reason that it is one of the primary steroids that has been synthesised artificially by the different pharmaceutical companies and still used after decades.Many forms of the testosterone are present in the market that can be used according to a person’s convenience.


Testosterone is synthesizedmainly in the testes of male subjects. It helps them in the development of the secondary characters in adolescence. In some cases, a deficiency in the hormone is observed which can be overcome by injection of artificial testosterone into the body.  There is a risk of pain from injectionsyet it is the most predominant form that is used by people. It has been used by the athletes and bodybuilders to increase in the muscle formation in the body.

Forms of testosterone in the market

The different form of the hormone that is present in the market is mainly in the form of injections. The less known form is the pills.At times doctors might recommend the use of gels/creams or subcutaneous patches. These different forms though popular do not lead to significant gain as the injectable form. So the injections in spite of being considered messy still used it as it leads to as it leads to a significant gain in muscles. It is due to this reason that people of the sporting community who use it to gain the ideal weight prefer injectable form.

There are different forms oftestosterone present in the marker like enanthate, cypionate and propionate form.  Propionate is a fast releasing type that spikes in the blood in hours and metabolised in three days.  The enanthate leads to slow release with metabolising rate of 4-5days whereas the propionate form degrades in 7-8 days.The different forms provide a similar effect but the number of injection to get the desired effect differs.

Reviews on the anabolic use

This androgenic anabolic has been used medically for people where deficiency is seen. The actual dosage differs from person to person and is dependent on the doctor’s recommendation.The normal level of testosterone is in the range of 300-1000ng per deciliter andmay be present in the bound or the free state.  The testosterone is unable to function in a bound state in fact in the maximum body part is bound to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin(SGHB). Many people at the risk of pain from injectionsstill use it to prevent medical conditions such as osteoporosis, heart failure, Alzheimer’s, diabetes or infertility. Low level of testosterone may lead to erectile dysfunction, headaches or loss of muscle and strength. A person must be careful while using this steroid to prevent negative impact on the body.

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