The advance technology – Robotics and automation

The concept of Robotics has been around for a long time. Robots have evolved tremendously over the years and are now being widely used in various sectors such as defence, disaster management, search and rescue operations, and the entertainment industry in the form of electronically operated toys. Robotics requires the application of computer integrated manufacturing, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biological mechanics, software engineering.

Automation is an extension of robotics and can be termed as the next phase of the industrial revolution. While it is easy to identify the repetitive task, it is difficult to code such a program which carries out instruction in such a relentless manner.

As the technology has improved in the modern world, robotics and automation have a huge scope in the field. With the advanced analytics and modern science, artificial intelligence is possible to automate a complex task like an intelligent human.

Few of the latest application of robotics and automation are automatic or driverless cars, 3D printing and chatbots. Real-time data analytics plays a major role in the driverless vehicle to self- navigate, in this case, the sensors and cameras provide real-time analytical data like the distance between the vehicles, traffic conditions, GPS tracking and following the route. Automation technologies like driverless cars and chatbots may alter our lives in future; each one of these could possibly create opportunities for individuals and business in their own way.

Many tasks undertaken by the humans are adopted by the robotics and automation facilities leading many people jobless. The mass adaptation of driver-less automatic cars will result in the short term unemployment but probably increase in the software employment which is used to create such automation. Chats bots could replace customer services but on the other hand, artificial intelligent would need more of the software engineers.  It will help to create high-value jobs for skilled process designers.

Benefits of robotics:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computer-aided manufacturing
  • Computer geometry
  • Robot motion planning
  • Robot manipulators

There are multiple opportunities in the field of robotics and automation all over the world.  There are many types of the machine within industrial automation. For example, CNC machines are common in manufacturing.

The UK has been providing a home for robots from the time Captain Richards & A.H. Reffell built one of the world’s first robots in 1928. The emerging robotics and automation companies in the UK have been developing a wide range of education robots that inspire learning and play for children. Companies have developed MechaMonsters-small, four-legged robots that can interact with their owners and each other. It offers a packed program that will give British robotics companies and entrepreneurs unparalleled access to the US robotics ecosystem. Recently funded robotics and automation companies in the UK are building affordable robots inspired by nature. The companies are securing seed investment from the British Robotics Seed Fund, the only fund in the country that specializes in robotics startups and Britbots CROWD, the world’s first dedicated equity crowd funding platform for high-potential companies in this field.

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