The All New Volkswagen Polo 2017- The Supermini that Is Ought to Rule the Market

Summary: There’s no way one could beat the new Volkswagen Polo SUV as the supermini has got the authentic touches in multiple grounds, and links the model to some higher end models as well.

For quite a long time Volkswagen had the planning to launch a new SUV that would have the shape and design of the Polo but would bring in an enraged level of performance for the sports car enthusiasts. Expected to be named as the T-cross, the model is expected to have seating similarity with the SEAT Arona and will be based on the MQB mechanical platform as well. The Volkswagen T-Roc, which have already been an impressive model in the market, is going to leave some of its impression in this model for sure, but the new T-cross is expected to sit in the lower range bring in some rivalry with the Nissan Juke and Renault Captur. However, the Volkswagen Polo is being considered to be the base model n which several modifications will be done, but in the T-cross, the wheelbase is going to be 90 mm longer, which will actually give some extra room to the passengers and give the feel of riding a bigger car.

The Volkswagen service has declared that there will be nine engines available of which six will be driven by petrol, and they will range from 1.0 liter to 1.5-liter engines which will actually have the capability to deliver 65-115bhp and 150 bhp respectively. Apart from these two, there will be two 1.6 liter diesel engines as well which has got 80 and 95 bhp respectively. There will also be a new GTi version which will be powered with a 2.0-liter engine that gives 200 bhp powertrain, and for the first, the brand is going to launch their model with the TGi natural gas engine comfortable to deliver 90bhp.

Definitely, the exterior design has been made much better with improved ride quality and comfort within as well. The LED lighting holds the signature of Volkswagen and the new design incorporated in the headlamp design sets the vehicle apart from the earlier models that released in the line. Some of the designing skills are also reflected in the bumper which includes the increased air intake capability and splitter. However, the elongated bonnet of the car has been brought to give the feel of the new Tiguan SUV.

Not just the crafty artists, but also the experts in Volkswagen repair Greensboro NC never stops praising the minor changes that have been brought into the new Polo SUV. At the rear ends, a bold design has been incorporated dissecting the boot which basically wraps around the Supermini. For the drivers, it might be a bit exciting as the Front Assist, Blind Spot Detection, ACC and LED headlights which were generally found in the Golf models have been instilled. Also, the market gets the feel of Polo Beats returning as the high-end audio system used in the model, larger wheelbase with 16-inch alloy wheels gives the sharpness that was somehow felt lacking. The brand stuck to their words and launched the model in 2017 taking a different stance in the market.

Author Bio: Alena Brown is a freelance writer with years of experience in writing on various topics. She is a car enthusiast too and has experience of working with Volkswagen Service in Greensboro.

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