The Best Practices of Outbound Campaigns

In the call center industry, regardless of if one is operating an inbound or outbound campaign, customer satisfaction is always the primary priority. Because no matter how efficient the process or the workforce is, it is the customers that are going to give the final verdict. If they are satisfied, then the process is a success and if they are not then all efforts are a waste. It can’t get any simpler than that.

On certain occasions, it may seem difficult to attain the expected outcome. Besides the CSAT score, there are many factors that can influence the success or failure of an outbound campaign. But the good thing is that most of these factors can be tipped in favor of the business with the right planning and proper execution. Approaching any outbound campaign requires a sound strategy. And here, in this article let us explore the various practices that a reliable outbound call center services provider can implement so as to effectively and efficiently improve the customer experience.

KPIs are the key

The key performance indicators are the analytical measurements of the potential and the accomplishments of a particular strategy. They will give vital insight into the strengths and weaknesses of a particular process. However, not all KPIs are of equal value and not all of them are correlative to outbound campaigns. A few important ones are mentioned below:

Average handle time: The average duration of time an agent spends on a call, including internal transfers and hold time.

Conversion rate: It measures the efficiency of agents to bring in customers and close a sale.

First, call close: It is a measurement of the total number of successful closings that were achieved in an agent’s first contact with a customer.

Draft accurate lists

Blind cold calling is a number game and not a very efficient one. It relies on the law of average and quantity rather than quality. It is obvious that if a list contains a majority of qualified leads, then the agents are going to make more sales. Many of the companies offering outbound call center services rely on CRM tools to keep track of leads and rank them so as to assist in the refining and nurturing these leads.

Keep the agents motivated

In order to gain success in an outbound campaign, one needs to keep their agents motivated and one way to do this is by accurately incentivizing their work based on its importance. There are certain skills that one has to learn to be an expert agent but those skills must be honed and encouraged through incentives.

Use the feedback loop

There is a virtuous feedback loop for managers to assess and improve their agent’s performance. It has two aspects

  • Call quality monitoring
  • Agent coaching

The former gives an idea of the current performance of the agents and after assessing their capabilities, the manager can improve those weaknesses through special on-job training.

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