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The Importance of Hiring Taobao Agents

The Chinese are known for producing low-cost products, and every other company outsources its production jobs to China. With the advent of digital technology and e-commerce, people have changed their shopping habits and in the wake of the digital saga, shopping sites like Amazon and eBay have become household names, but in China, people only know the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and nothing else.

And the Alibaba group devised an online shopping site called Taobao to promote small businesses and entrepreneurs in China. The word taobao in Chinese signifies “treasure hunting” of course, looking at the staggering 7 million merchants, the term makes perfect sense. With more that 400 million Taobao users, this site is poised to grow fast and quick.

Should you look for taobao agent in Malaysia, it is time to understand the importance using Taobao and the necessity of the Taobao agents in shipping and shopping process.

  1. Undoubtedly, China market produces the cheapest of the products. Therefore, people, those who want cheaper goods should find it enticing.
  2. The 7 million merchants are offering a multitude variety of products; so, the variety has never been a problem. And getting products of varied nature, flavor and texture could be inspiring sometimes.
  3. You can buy products directly from the factory thus eliminating the intermediary cost

Let’s look at benefits of hiring the Taobao agents before you select a merchant;

  1. Since Taobao is a Chinese site, the language becomes the impeding barrier. Most of the merchants do not understand anything other than Chinese; an agent at this point can communicate with merchant effortlessly and clearly state your exact requirements.
  2. Nothing in this universe is perfect; it is likely for you to get into the trap of fraudulent merchants but with an agent, you are safe because he can verify the authenticity quite easily.
  3. Most of the Taobao merchants do not ship products outside China. And if you still want to import products, then you will have to find the way out of the situation by yourself that means, from finding the freight forwarder to the customs clearance, you will have to handle everything.
  4. The vendors out there in China are not going to entertain PayPal, Western Union, or MoneyGram, all they know is Alipay only with the help of an agent, you can convince them to accept above-mentioned payment systems.

Before you find tao bao Malaysia agent; let’s find out the ways of locating a perfect agency that can streamline the whole process.

Experience: Experience must be the first criteria that agency should meet to qualify as a good bet. With the experience come knowledge, expertise, and infrastructure. An experienced company will have an adequate system in place to carry out the operation easily and efficiently. Since packaging and delivering are a complex process and need expertise; an experienced company should be an ideal choice.

Service charge: Each company operates in their own way; so the charges might vary, while some charge 10 % off the total amount of the goods they ship, some charge 8 %. And the agencies with a lower service charge should be preferred because they might have more experience and more client thus low-cost service.

Communication: the agency must have customer support department to handle your queries; since all the agencies do not operate in the same manner, you have to find an agency that offers 24 X 7 customer service; make sure that they also have email support. They should also be available on Skype, Google hangout, and chat.

Return policy: You have to clarify the return policy with the agency; sometimes the chances of damaged goods are quite high; hence, a well-defined return policy is mandatory to avoid hassles related to the damaged goods. The service charges must be clarified. While some charge additional charges, some companies just charge the shipping cost.

Finding shipping agent Malaysia should not be a difficult task as long as you carry out the groundwork properly. You also need to find out the warehousing facility of the agency, the amount of time they keep the goods with them. Besides, you also have to find out the customs related issues should any issues arise.

You must also find out the exchange rates, the payment modes, and door trucking options. Visit their website and find out services, and other important information that you need for a seamless transition.

Finally, the Taobao with its numerous merchants and unlimited shopping options is an ideal choice; however, precautions and intelligent approach is required to handle complex shopping and shipping process.

The agency and agents are always the better choices than handling the process by yourself. The cultural difference can create problems if you choose not to hire an agency. So, take the right decision, and avoid complexities and unnecessary troubles.

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