Tips before Buying a Sleep Apnea Machine Melbourne

Sleep apnea machine Melbourne such as CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) machines is the best and most recommended obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) treatment by experts. Patients using Cpap have shown tremendous benefits in the long run. As the name suggests continuous positive airway pressure, this machine soothes breathing by flowing proper air to your nostrils. This machine offers great number of health benefits and you will surely get better quality sleeps at night.

If you or your partner is suffering from OSA and planning to buy CPAP machine for you then it is important to understand that they are not all the same. Here are some tips to help you in taking right decisions –

  1. Check the quality CPAP Machine

A good quality Cpap machines includes several feature that you need to check while looking a machine in market. The feature of a good Cpap machine includes –

  • Mask Alert – Buy the machines with mask alert. This feature is helpful while sleeping, if the masks gets dislocate from its position, the mask alert start beeping and help user to know when this happens and thus they can reposition the mask.
  • Ramp – initially using Cpap machine is not that easy, the breathing patterns are different and it might take time to adjust. But with the aid of ramp, it becomes easier to get used to the machine. Ramp helps to reduce the uncomfortable initial feeling of the air pressure.
  • Data recording – Nowadays, machine comes with data recording feature. This facility allows the user to know if there was air leakage in the mask during usage. Furthermore, it also shows previous abnormal breathing events.
  • Leak compensation – This facility ensures that air pressure level remains constant in the presence of the minor leaks. This helps to maintain the prescribed air pressure setting.
  1. CPAP Machine Inspection

Inspect your Cpap machine, so as to avoid any break downs in future –

  • Ensure the machine has user manuals.
  • Ensure that machine has 24 hrs working Ionisation Air Purifier Containment. This ensures safe & healthy air circulation.
  • Don’t forget to go for Cpap therapy blower trial
  • Check the masks well fits to your face without causing any irritation
  • Check the Manometer Calibration for accurate pressure settings.
  1. Pick up the Best Fit for You

When buying a CPAP machine, check the masks by adjusting the straps and masks according to your face in order to get a better fit. Pick the right size and practice using it daily so as to get used to sleeping with a CPAP machine.

  1. A CPAP Machine Pricing

Well, there are many CPAP suppliers in Melbourne offering you with best Sleep Apnea Machine Melbourne. However, different stores have different prices for Cpap machines. You can check the supplier such as CPAP4u, where you can find quality Cpap for her and him at most competitive rates.


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