Winter Jackets for Toddlers

Tips for choosing the right type of winter jackets for your toddlers

We know its winters now. We all will be soon having hot baths again and be cloaked in winter jackets and coats. Are you looking out for sporty puffers and faux fur to traditional zipper jackets that suit your budget and style to keep your toddlers warm during the winter season? There is no denying the fact that it is pretty challenging to find a perfect winter jacket for your little girl or a boy. It is quite understandable that while looking for the winter jackets or coats many parents feel bemused with so many options around.

Many questions revolve in their mind like what style of jacket or coat they should buy which would go with every outfit? Or shall we buy formal or casual jacket? Whether he or she will be a comfortable wearing jacket with the collar? What should be the length of the jacket so that their lower back shouldn’t get exposed? It won’t be possible for your child to tell whether the jacket they are wearing is small or big. Wait; hang on, another important question- hood or without hood jacket which would be better. Before you decide to head to baby shop in India, there is a countless number of questions that will make you worry.

Through this post, we shall be discussing some of the important tips that can help you in making a decision while buying winter jackets for your toddler.

Let’s have a look at some of the golden rules for shopping for jackets for toddlers:

  • The first and foremost thing that you need to always ensure is that any jacket you decide to buy should be a little bigger in size than what will really fit them so that you can add an extra layer of thick sweater inside
  • Make sure you read the product details or ask the sales executive in the baby shop in India about whether the jacket you like is waterproof or splash proof. Both the terms are different.
  • Lightweight padded jackets are relatively warm despite the fact they don’t appear to be
  • What should be the length of the sleeves of the jacket? Another very good question. Well, make sure the sleeves of the jacket should not be either too short or too tight when you try the same on your baby. They should be of the right length so that you can tuck the gloves inside easily.

Hence, to save your valuable time and money, we have tried to compile a list of the best winter jackets that you can look out for your little ones this season:

  • Feather-light padded jackets
  • Soft and fleece lined machine washable jackets
  • Sporty puffer jackets
  • Padded waist-length coats
  • Waterproof jackets with adjustable cuffs
  • Winter jackets with faux fur detachable hood

Want to buy soft, comfortable and stylish winter jackets for your toddlers this winter season? Come and visit our baby shop in India and get the best jackets at reasonable prices.

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