Tips on types of dresses and how to style them!

As females we love to dress up and look good most of the times of the day, be it for a casual outing with friends, for a dinner date, a sunday brunch with family, a random day out in the sun or just an important meet at work. Dressing up for any occasion requires a lot of time, effort, and thought into putting together a look that’s right for the day. And most importantly, deciding what’s right to wear is another task most of us deal with almost every single day. But with the growing need of wanting to look a certain way, we often end up losing track of what to wear and what not to wear, and in the long run pick the outfit that is not very suited for us. Dresses, however, are the choices that most of us swear by, but how do you decide what are the dress options you can wear at different occasions! Read along to know the different type of dresses…

Chikankari dresses: Chikankari dresses are the most elegant, chic and feminine outfits one can own, and in fact it’s definitely a must have in every wardrobe. They are not only beautiful, but have been in the fashion industry since time immemorial. They are the perfect amalgamation of tradition mixed with modernity. Available in various pastel hues of lemon, pinks, blues, lavender, peach and much more, these are the best options one can have during summers and winters alike.

Ikat dresses: ikat dresses have the rustic appeal to them that hardly any other fabric has. They have that relaxed laid back vibe to it that can also be worn to a certain occasion or event. You can either wear a sleeveless ikat dress to college or wear an ikat jumpsuit or a maxi ikat dress with tie-up to an evening event, ikat has a wonderful ability to work well for any given day. Although many might think of Ikat being available in colours like deep maroons, black, white, navy blues and other deeper hues like olive, ikat can also looks amazing in hues like peach, yellow, bright green and blues and other lighter hues.

Solids and prints: when nothing comes to your mind, solids and prints always come in handy to rescue you through the day. solids work well for most of the occasions, for they are chic, minimal and yet manage to create a statement with their simplicity. All you need to do is style the solids well with a chunky piece of jewellery and you’ll be good to go… As for the prints, botanical and floral prints work beautifully well for all the occasions. But if you’re still unsure of what prints work the best, and end up picking not so good ones all the time, then smaller floral and botanical prints are the best to pick from. They are cute, look beautiful and delicate invariably all all types of outfits. You can also pick the ones with quirky or floral embroidery to highlight the garment and its print. A statement embroidery patch or work of art looks beautiful even on solids and just help to bring out the best in any basic garment.

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