Top 3 Celebrated Abstract Art Paintings

It is said that artists make not what they see but what the thing they look at makes them feel. This might not be true in the context of paintings that have recognizable subjects and objects but is definitely true in the context of Abstract art paintings. The abstract art is in fact all about expressing emotions with a combination of undecipherable elements. Moreover, not just the artist but the onlooker as well usually don’t settle on one inference of their abstract artwork. Everyone draws different emotions and meanings form it.

Nevertheless, the abstract art paintings are always high in demand and are always in some or the other controversy. Hence, in this blog, we mention three of the most eminent abstract art paintings of all time. Take a look.

  • No. 5, 1948 (Jackson Pollock)

Jackson is known for making paintings that show his emotion and grief for the wartime. Hence, in this painting as well, the artist is sadistically showing his state of mind onto the canvas. While the artist has many appreciators of his works, the criticizers too are no less in number. It is so, maybe, because his paintings hardly have any recognizable object in them. Infact, this painting, in particular, is also expressing his tension and fear. The painting was sold for a whopping amount of $ 156.8 million.

  • Composition 8 (Wassily Kandinsky)

The artist always wanted to find a perfect combination of colors, patterns, and shapes. He wanted to make such a painting since long as he wanted to show the people the way he sees the world. He finally ended up making the composition 8. It is believed that the painter was unable to see the world the way it is. According to some, he had synesthesia which confuses the work of senses. He might be hearing what we see and see what we are hearing. Maybe that is why this work is so abstract that it actually requires the eyes of Kandinsky for anyone of us to understand this work of art made by him.

  • Guernica (Pablo Picasso)

This painting is surely one of the most disturbing abstract work and it gets all the more unnerving because of its size. The painting is huge, however, though the objects are made using certain patterns and shapes, they are identifiable to some extent. The patterns look like the faces of some animals like cows, horses and some humans. The painter succeeded in showing the terror caused due to war.

The aforementioned paintings are the three most popular paintings of all time according to our observation and research. The top three abstract works might be different in your eyes. So, let us know your opinion on this in the comments section below.

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