Top 5 Mobile App Development Platform preferred by Mobile App Developer

Mobile app development is the choice of the decade; the immense digital transformation has called the organizations to partner with the efficient mobile app development company. There are companies that have experience and there are some who mask themselves and pronounce to be the best. Thus it is better to gain the prospect of your transformation requirement and pitch the best and efficient development call. More the analysis you bring out better the chances to collaborate with the best mobile app development company in USA, India or any other IT hub.

Following section detail some of the best mobile app development platform that will help in a better analysis of this digital transformation need. Better the platform used faster and efficient the mobile app development work accomplished. The best and pronounced development platform used by the top-notch and pronounced leading mobile app Development Company are briefed below – “Better to gain the complete prospect and then interview the mobile app development company for collaboration”.

  • Xamarin: It has completely eased and fastens the mobile application development. Previously, the developers were bringing the Android and iOS app development via the native language – Objective-C, Swift and Java. With the enablement of Xamarin platform, mobile app development company are developing the cross-platform mobile applications (that works on all the Android, iOS and Windows platform) with just a single language – C# and class library.
  • Appcelerator Titanium: As per reports, by 2017 Titanium has around 950,000 registrations that are continuously increasing. Used by many it is a preferred platform that is open source and allows the creation of native mobile apps on iOS, Android and Windows platform from a single JavaScript codebase.  It is favoured due to its rapid prototyping functionality which brings early mobile app development.
  • PhoneGap(Apache Cordova): An open source mobile app development platform used by most of the mobile app development company for bringing hybrid applications. It helps in building applications using CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript. It is favoured due to its supporting functionality for a number of operating systems such as Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Firefox OS, Bada, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone (7 and 8), LG webOS, Nokia Symbian OS, Ubuntu Touch and Tizen (SDK 2.x).
  • Cocos2d: An open source software framework, it is perfect for developing interactive Games, apps and other GUI based cross-platform programs. Cocos2d supports a wide range of API functions such as sprites, particles, transitions, actions, animations, timers, events (touch, keyboard, accelerometer, mouse), persistence, sound, file IO, skeletal animations, and 3D.
  • Sencha: Sencha Touch is a dedicated mobile app Development platform that develops the hybrid application which feels and look like native applications. Used by a number of mobile app development company due to its ability to develop quick and easy development of HTML5 based mobile apps. The apps run as smooth as native mobile applications on the various mobile platforms.

Conclusion: The mobile application development is a must to have for every organization; it allows quick and fast business delivery and service assistance.  To bring these applications into the real world the mobile application development company is using the various platforms for delivering fast and accurate application. Mobile platforms ease the development; it’s like opening the IDE – assembling the things – quick testing and submission to the app store. Better to bring the accurate platform use that completely justifies your buildup requirement.

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