Top 5 PHP Frameworks of 2017 for Web Development

PHP framework is considered as the most popular language of server-side scripting in the world. It has also evolved much after the inline code snippets appeared in static files. It is defined as an integral part of website maintenance providing users a basic structure and some pre-built module in order to develop robust web applications. PHP has allowed development process of modules into very effective way considering stability and quality of the product.

PHP requires thorough knowledge and expertise to counter hurdles for the candidates. Considering its merit, it has highly advanced and excellent in community support, easy to upgrade and maintain its applications, excellent security features. It is a dynamic and trending web application used these days.

It is the responsibility of developers to generate a code that supports to front end also. Front-end and back-end developers work together to meet the user requirement. They understand the client’s need then discuss the scope of the project, cost, and delivery time etc.

Let’s discuss Top 5 PHP frameworks of 2017 for web development:

  1. Laravel: According to Sitepoint’s recent online survey it is one of the most popular frameworks helpful for the developers. It is a relatively new framework and has a diverse ecosystem with instantly hosting and deploying platform. It helps in functioning of easy authentication, migration support and also good routing for the web development. Also on Google Trends, it is the most used platform in web development.
  2. Symfony: It is determined as the most dynamic and one of the extensive platforms for MVC applications. It is also the most popular framework for the developers. It gives its positive side in form of high performance, documentation, maintained and supported platform for the developers. Drupal, phpBB, and eZ Publish are some of the PHP application built through this platform.
  3. CodeIgniter: For using this PHP framework, PHP version should be 5.4. It is a framework in which it needs a very simple and easy toolkit to get full featured web applications. Being much developer friendly it doesn’t requires any special support or dependency over the performer. It is the most advanced platform and outperforms other frameworks with its durability. Easy error handling, zero installation, easy security and other modes have brought this framework in limelight of being used.
  4. Zend: For running this platform PHP required version should be 5.6 or 7.0. It is an ideal framework for enterprise applications. Zend is also a collection of professional PHP package which is object oriented providing broad spectrum of language features.
  5. Fuel PHP: It is one of most simple and flexible and a community driven framework. Required PHP version should be 5.3.3. It has integrated ORM module which helps the developers to get the proper functioning and also supports multiple applications. Supporting multiple applications, new version is fully object-oriented in which caching is optional.

These above mentioned framework are the most innovative and new framework which excels the developers in countering the process of functioning the web development. These frameworks standardize the work and encourage developers to bring about something new that can also be reusable to have the business flow smoothly. There are so many websites provide free video tutorials to teach you the basics and advanced level programming.  There is so much demand for developers in the market today. Candidate can also work as a freelancer and can work on a client project. Future scope of developers is too high as each organization needs a development team to manage or build their websites. There are so many job portals available which provide the PHP Jobs Vacancies for the job seekers.

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