Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS- A Useful Method Of Texting People

Transactional SMS service is for the most part employed for direct communication amid business & client. TRAI initiated this class to restrict the spontaneous communication. TRAI does not use promotional text messages in any class so we may presume as all which does not comes in transactional SMS class easily comes in promotional SMS.

Transactional SMS is a kind of bulk SMS according to TRAI rules and guidelines.
It is being employed to send out messages to listed users only for any instance of the day, signifies SMS get sent to DND or non DND mobile numbers with Sender ID. SMS get sent within a few seconds in this service.
Transactional SMS also known as High Priority SMS and mostly employed in stock and commodity market tips, airline, train or bus ticket reservations, education, banking alerts, etc. where quick SMS delivery is obligatory.

Transactional SMS service is offered with HTTP SMS API and a panel, employing panel SMS can be delivered straight by uploading the numbers or subsequent to making groups. There will be an ability to deliver SMS in unicode, it may be arranged for afterward delivery. Personalized SMS alternative is also there where every row can have different areas and rows in a MS Excel sheet or .csv file may be delivered in a sole illustration.

The text of SMS chooses its class frequently transactional SMS are these messages that include revealing content for instance: Any bank delivers SMS to their current clients regarding their transactional notifications; any institution tells their student regarding fee payables, changes of classes’ time, any tours and travels service provider notify their clients regarding latest time plan of their services, etc. Such kind of revealing material comes in transactional SMS you may not add offers in this class you may only deliver edifying content that also to your listed clients only those who individually shares their contact information with you.

Advantages of transactional messages or SMS

  • It quickly sends to the final user
  • You may send messages on any time no restriction like in promotional messages
  • SMS may be sent on DND numbers as well
  • It is based on templates


  • Single SMS credit signifies 160 characters
  • It needs agreement

Three key factors of transactional messages that enhances client involvement:

It is foreseen: Transactional SMS is somewhat clients by now anticipated from you similar to thanks for evaluations or notify after they create transactions.
It is personal: The discussion from transactional SMS begins with client when they requested for any help. So, it is totally private amid client and service provider.
It is flourishing: Transactional text sending is path for the feasibilities of cross-sell and up sell.

Transactional SMS are upright for service providers as they can quickly link to their audience by it and inform them in a few minutes.

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