Understanding Post Cycle Therapy Steroids

The Post Cycle Therapy steroids are vital after completing a cycle of pro hormones or steroids. These steroids help you to come down from the high levels of testosterone gradually. This prevents crashes and the resultant side effects. If you come down too unexpectedly, you will find that there is no strength in your body, your muscles are losing, and you are also being emotionally down. With the use of these post cycle therapy steroids, you can easily avoid these problems. With the help of these steroids the levels of your testosterone are stimulated in many ways. These formulas boost your natural testosterone levels to reduce the fall from your cycle.

To achieve gains, everyone finds the usage of steroid as the most beneficial way. The steroid makes you get bigger and stronger. On the other hand, cycling off can generate new potential problems. This is because, at every cycle’s end, the body drops a good amount of water. So there it is needed to adjust everything in cycling which includes diet, training, weight gained, etc. because without proper adjustments they may completely disappear. It may also cause increased acne or depression or both. Hence, we need what is called pct post cycle therapy.

The post cycling therapy does not depend on the types of the compound used and for how much time. The availability and the size factors are provided the adjustments but every time same two compounded family is used which are aromatized inhibitors and selective estrogen receptor modulator. So the post cycle therapy consists of one AI and one SERM. It functions differently for each level depending on individual’s requirement. The compounds AI and SERM constitute various components in varying doses and timings. The diet planning plays a very crucial role in this cycle.

After a cycle ends, the intake of the amount of the calories should be increased by at least 500 calories and at most 1000 calories. This increases the body fat slightly which is needed to maintain the newly added muscle in the body. But if the importance of diet plan is underestimated, it may result in the loss of the muscles so formed wasting all your efforts. Along with it is essential to keep a check on the fact that it may not exceed significantly. This calls for the cardiovascular work. There should be cardio sessions for 3 to 4 weeks at a clip of half an hour. The intensity should be kept constant and up to 70%.


According to the trainers, the marathon sessions are not a good idea in the training program because it may result in a drop off in the weight. To compensate for any loss in intensity, usage of less rest time is advisable for less weight. Some medical measures should also be followed to maintain good health. The post cycle therapy is crucial for the body builders who make plain use of the steroids. When they leave the practice suddenly, they may lose the gains achieved in the cycle. They may also get worse by getting weaker and smaller. With the right post-cycle therapy you earn hard muscles.

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