yoga teacher training in Kerala

Undertake Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training for Holistic Purification

The human self, like the inner circumference of a tree-trunk, accumulates impressions as the years pass. Both on the mind and body, a million and more elements collect, eventually weighing it down. Consumption of disagreeable food results into impurities that infiltrate the physical system leading to a variety of disorders— from an irritable bowel to toxin-ridden skin. Wrong practices in everyday life pollute the mind causing restlessness and suffering.

The way of modern medicine or psychiatry targets eradication of symptoms only, rather than finding the root cause of the trouble. That is why, recurrence and continuation of diseases is so evident in this method. Gradually, a dependence upon medication is built on part of the ailing individual. In search of a more self-sustaining principle, the seekers of good living have turned to Ayurveda yoga courses as an alternative way.

Ayurvedic yoga teacher training in Kerala

Improve Holistically

Today, you can systematically learn how to improve at a holistic mind-body-and-soul level by taking an ayurveda yoga course in the motherland. In Kerala, the age old seat of Ayurveda-wisdom, teacher training programs in yoga are scheduled with classes on its primary techniques. Besides your training in yoga, in an Ayurvedic yoga teacher training you also get to learn the following —

  • how to administer Ayurvedic Panchakarma cleansing
  • understanding your body better with the knowledge of the three key “doshas”—Vata, pitta and kapha.
  • Ayurvedic culinary techniques for properly preserving nutrients in cooked food
  • How to nourish your body with healthy Ayurvedic recipes which also guarantee great taste

Compliment Your Yoga Learning

As you perfect your yogasnas and acquaint yourself to the yogic philosophical tenets during your month long teacher training, Ayurveda will work as a complementary learning. Yoga, the science of establishing an unwavering mind-body connection is essentially a spiritual pursuit. The discipline readies the body for a higher level of consciousness through a curriculum of rigorous physical exercises. Conscious breathing is a defining part of the program and so is meditation. Practicing Ayurveda when on your yoga sabbatical will purify the body through completely natural means and thus ready it for greater pursuits.

Learn Under Traditional Ayurvedantists

For a complete rejuvenating experience, look for an Ayurvedic yoga teacher training in Kerala. This southern state of India has a rich legacy of Ayurveda practice since time immemorial. In Kerala’s seaside spa town of Varkala, Ayurveda is the mainstream medicinal practice rather than an alternative. At these programs, you will have authentic Indian teachers presiding over the classes. Born and brought up in the tradition of ancient Ayurveda and yoga, they can deliver you the true wisdom. Situated in scenic spots overlooking the tranquil sea, the resorts offering the course are great places to lay low for a month, practice yoga and simultaneously detoxify the body. After the month-long rejuvenating hibernation, you will wake up a new self!

Indulge in Aroma, Flavor and Therapy

It is in Kerala that you will get a wealth of naturally grown herbs for authentic Ayurvedic recipes. Steeped in the hills of Western Ghats and spread out by the sea, this state is entitled to pleasant tropical climate around the year. So anytime is a great time to visit and explore the seasonal herbal delicacies of the land. A variety of exotic spices, herbal drinks, teas and oils are available in Kerala’s Ayurvedic spa towns and during your month-long ayurveda yoga course, you can indulge in the delightful experience of aroma, taste and therapy to your heart’s content!

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