Unique Benefits Offered By Sending SMS Online

When it to come to send a message for personal to official purpose, then you will know that you must make use of your phones. But, do you know you can send SMS from PCs and laptops. No, it’s not a joke, it is the latest practical method used by many businesses to rock in their sales. Ok, now you are enthused to know how to send these messages. Deep dive into this blog and get enlightened!

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How to Send Online SMS?

All you need to do for sending an online text message is to, login to the link offered by the SMS provider and type your message, then type the mobile number of the recipient and click send. This simple method provides you with several benefits including fast delivery, bulk SMS and cost-effective. Beyond that you know must know more.

Typing Vs. Pecking

You may send messages fast, and there is no doubt it. But, pecking is always slower than typing. Especially when it happens with more audience, then pecking the numbers of each will prove more time consuming, and then typing using a keyboard.

Based on research it is found that the maximum words to be typed using keyboard within a minute are 58 and that with a touch phone is 39.

Typo and Auto correct Feature

Even though phones might have a spell directory, they can only highlight the spelling. But when you send an SMS online, then you can correct the spell automatically. Auto correct bloopers are costly, and you can just use your PC to send a message without any typo errors.

Better Way To Organise Things

The look and the feel of the online message window are same as that of an email Inbox. You can view incoming emails, outbox, and sent messages all in one window. But on a phone even though it is handy you need to take time to organize things in a folder.

Customer Service

Since it is on your PC, you can create auto responders to the reply messages and make customers feel important. Create separate folders and land messages in the respective place to take necessary actions and convey the message to the customers that you value their time, money, and interest.The customer does not just look for the cost to buy any product, but the service provided with quick revert will take you to their top list.

SMS Gateway APP

This feature will allow you to receive the reply as an email. You can create filters to get the selected responses via email and act on them quickly. For example, the decision to buy a product must land in your mailbox so that you can provide necessary support to convert the query to the business at the earliest.

Apart from these five exceptional features, in general, online texting is doing great with advancement in technology. It allows business to have multiple accounts and improves internal and external communication. Reach of the message is fast and can reach thousands of people at the same time.


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