Useful Information on Mobile Crane Hire

A mobile crane is basically a motorized cable-controlled crane mounted on crawlers or rubber-tired truck or , hydraulic-powered crane with a telescoping boom mounted on a truck-type mobile carrier. They are designed for easy transportability to a site and are also to be used with different types of load.

When an issue comes to finding the right crane for a job it is a vital factor to know that weight, size and lifting capacities for all types of mobile cranes should match your requirement. Most important is to account for the maximum height the crane needs to operate, maximum weight the crane will have to carry, and what type of ground the crane will be operating on.

Following the tips stated below, it will enable you to take the right decision.

Types of Cranes Available with the company

Before hiring a crane, ensure which one is best matching your project satisfactorily, particularly when there are multiple choices with different purposes. It is wise to consult a crane hire specialist beforehand as it will allow you to have a complete understanding of the crane required by you.

Selection is the prime issue: Wide ranges of mobile cranes are available with the company ranging from 3 to 220 tons. Ensure which one is most suitable for you. You can take the help of  Crane Guide Calculator available with a crane company.

Right Tools for the Job: If you ’re hiring for the first time, it can be tricky to determine what are the right equipment’s and the type of professionals who are required for the operation of the crane. So, you may consult a crane hire specialist and get clarity related to the doubts and questions you are having on your mind. Engaging with a crane hire company that manages the entire operation will ensure you that nothing has been overlooked when engaging a crane hire service.

Safety & Experience is Everything: You should check the company’s registration and licensing ability of mobile cranes to ensure that you’re hiring from a right and reputed crane company. This is a very important issue.

Contracts: Hiring a crane means your company will have to agree to a contract with a number of terms and conditions for the period it is hired including techno-commercial issues. still there are multiple numbers of risks involved; however, be sure that these are all explicitly outlined within the contract.

Affordability: Consider the budget you have fixed and how much is required to afford the crane and the professionals that are needed for the operation. You can save a great amount of capital by hiring a crane for a short period of time.

Truck-mounted: Almost seventy five percent of cranes that are operating today are truck- mounted cranes. These cranes adapt diverse capacity ranges , that depends on the projects.

These types of cranes are adaptable to a wide range of capacities based on project requirement. The range may be between 14.5 and 1,300 short tons and can be driven down the highway rather than having to be transported.

Side lifter: Side lifter crane is permanently mounted on the top of a flatbed truck. These cranes are in general implemented for loading and unloading of the containers but can also have some applications in the construction field.

All Terrain: You should be sure that the cranes can go from the paved highway to the rocky landscape of a job site. The cranes must be able to travel on public highways and must also have the necessary power to handle a variety of construction activities.

Telescopic Handler: Telescopic handler cranes are essentially the forklift truck types with the provision of a connected telescoping boom. These cranes can be moved for a distance of 360 degrees width and are often used for tasks like moving pallets or hoisting framings.

Crawler Cranes: These are heavy-duty cranes that move on crawlers rather than wheels. They have different set of advantages. Especially, their stability and the fact that they can handle weight up to 3,500 short tons. Cranes never get stuck in the muddy ground.


Mobile crane hire is a tricky procedure and it is wise to get advice from crane consultant before hiring the mobile cranes that will mirror image fit with your requirements and dusty conditions.

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