Water Purification

Water Purification-India: The Game Changer

Water purification is a method of removing unwanted biological containments, suspended solids, chemicals, and gases from water. Water purifiers are manufactured with a set of goals which is to produce fit water for drinking and other purposes. Most water that comes to our homes through water supplies is germ-free for mankind consumption, i.e. drinking purposes.

This includes the fulfilment of medical requirements, chemical and industrial applications, and pharmacological requirements as well. There are various methods that are used in the filtration of water, these methods include biologically active carbon or slow sand filters, chemical processes like chlorination and flocculation, and also the use of electromagnetic radiations like ultraviolet light.

Why is clean water required?

Water purification decreases the concentration of particulate matter like parasites, algae, fungi, viruses, suspended particles, as well as the reduction in the concentration of a variety of particulate and dissolved matter. In cities like Bangalore, you can always contact aquaguard ro customer care number Bangalore to get detailed purification information that is achieved by water purifiers like Aquaguard. Demand for water purifiers is increasing day by day as people are getting more health conscious in developed, developing, as well as in underdeveloped countries across the globe as a number of diseases in these countries are due to consumption of poor water quality only.

The quality matters:

That standard for quality water drinking is usually set by government bodies or International standards. Such standards are inclusive of minimum and maximum concentration of contaminants that depends upon the typical water usage. A visual inspection will not determine the quality of water. Common procedures like boiling or even the use of a household filter (activated carbon) are not enough for water treatment; there can be a lot of contamination in water present from sources that we wouldn’t be knowing. Even spring water that was the safest source of pure water, considered in the 19th century must now be deep tested in order to attain the knowledge on what kind of treatment does it require (if any).

Even if the water is coming treated in your home taps, it is essential to have a water purifier installed in our homes, purifiers like Aquaguard can be found all across the country with their online helpline number always ready to assist you. In case of queries just find the toll-free number of aquaguard call centre Bangalore over the internet and get well assisted regarding any problems or queries regarding water purifiers.

What criteria should be in your mind before you purchase a water purifier?

  • Water source
  • Storage capacity
  • RO+UV or only RO
  • Cost
  • Installation: Free or separately charged
  • Annual maintenance cost
  • After sales service (very important)
  • Warranty
  • TDS controller

The water source should be the primary criteria before you start shortlisting water purifier. It also helps in deciding whether or not you need a water purifier or not. Water sources are of various types that include municipal water, bore water/ groundwater, and other multiple sources that may or may not be reliable for consumption purposes.

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