Ways to Make Sure that Your Vehicle Passes the MOT Test

When your car gets three years old, it legally becomes eligible for the Ministry of Transport Test, abbreviated as the MOT Test. A vehicle that does not pass it is not considered worthy for the road. Moreover, without MOT, you also cannot get your insurance or renew the vehicle tax for it. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure your car does not get held up when it goes in for this test.

The MOT Test is conducted to check the performance of your car to determine that it is safe to drive and has no conditions that could prove fatal. The tester looks at every detail of your vehicle to ensure that it is in top condition. You could feel like it is impossible to pass it in one go but you really can if you look out for the following things when carrying out the occasional maintenance of your car.

  • The Brake Fluid

Open the bonnet of your car and locate the master cylinder. The container should have marks on it indicating the minimum and maximum amount of brake fluid. The fluid should reach halfway between the marks. If it is less than that then you can buy some from the local car shop and fill it up. Be sure to check the manual to ascertain that you buy the correct brake fluid for your car.

  • The Mirrors

Your car should have three mirrors at the least and they should be intact to pass the test. One is on your nearside, another at the offside, and the third inside the car that provides the rear view of the car. Check for cracks or other damages and repair them before you go for the MOT Test.

  • The Warning Lights

The warning lights on your dashboard can give you the best suggestions on what your car needs so do not ignore them. Keep the manual in hand while checking which lights are on and get the problems fixed accordingly. When the tester at the service station turns on your car during the MOT Test and the warning lights light up, your car has failed the test. Better to fix the problem right away than get into additional trouble later on.

  • The Tread on Tyres

Driving a new car for three cars can damage the tread so you need to check their depth before you go in for the test. The legal tyre tread in the UK is 1.6 mm. If it is less than that, change your tyres. Not just for the MOT, you should regularly check your tyre tread as it affects the stopping distance of your car.

Other components like the windscreen, the exhaust system, seatbelts, doors, wipers, horns, the steering, and the lights on your car should be in proper working condition for it to pass the MOT Test. If you need professionals to check your car before the test, you can count on Express of Walton Ltd. for the job. They also conduct MOT Tests and even if you fail it the first time they allow a free retest after fourteen days after repairing your car.

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