Ways you can look after your health while on holiday in Dubai

Looking after your health is vital in order to feel good – both mentally and physically, even while on holiday.

Taking time off doesn’t mean that you should throw away your healthy lifestyle for two weeks in paradise, no matter how tempted you are.

To help you keep both your mind and your body in check, here are three ways you can look after your overall health while on holiday:

Enjoy a Pamper Day at a Spa



Dubai is home to a number of the world’s most luxurious hotels, most of which are kitted out with the most amazing spas you will ever set eyes on, one being ShuiQi Spa at Atlantis, The Palm.

Your mental and spiritual wellbeing is just as important as what you look like on the outside, and a day of pampering at a spa – or if you prefer to be pampered from your Dubai hotel room, that is an option for those who want privacy – will help how you feel in a number of different ways.

Many people forget about their mental wellbeing, with being busy at both work and at home. Once they go on holiday and they are less focused on their daily routine, they realise how exhausted their mind is, too, and without addressing it, there is a chance of suffering from anxiety, for example.

Indulging in a massage, facial or even spending an hour in the sauna, gives you much-needed time away from the stress you would experience rushing around the city, enabling both your mind and your body to relax completely without being interrupted.

Walk instead of using Public Transport


There is no doubt that holidays make us lazy, so much so that we would prefer to take public transport even to go the shortest distances – which, if you think about it, is silly.

Instead of taking a cab or the bus to the shop that is 1-kilometre from your accommodation, choose to walk instead. Not only will this help you save some extra cash, but you will fit in some exercise.

Of course, if one of the tourist attractions you have been excited to see is located 20-kilometres from your hotel, there is need to take a taxi or find alternative transport, but if you can fit in as much walking as possible to places nearby, you will feel so much better – mentally and physically – about missing out on the gym for two weeks.

Avoid Overindulging at Meals


It is so easy to get carried away during meal times when on holiday, however, no matter how many times we tell ourselves that the calories don’t count while we are on vacation, they do.

With so many new and exciting dishes to feast on, temptation is everywhere, and when you travel through your stomach – like I do – it is so easy to want to eat everything in sight.

However, there is a way you can have your cake and eat it too. There is no need to deprive yourself, you should just try to eat in moderation and try not to overindulge. For example, if you want some cheesecake after dinner, order a slice, but instead of eating the whole thing, enjoy a bite or three and recognise when you have had enough.

This might sound like a waste of money, but in order to enjoy the best things on holiday and look after your health, you have to be willing to compromise and know your limit.

Look after yourself while on holiday, it will only make easing back into routine when you get home that much easier, and will make sure that all of your hard work at the gym and the discipline you have at home doesn’t go to waste.

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