The world is a wonderfully weird place, and the roads are often the stage where one can witness much of the weirdness. Florida, especially Tampa city, seems to be a hotbed for this sort of activity, with unusual wildlife or natural phenomenon making the headlines regularly. Even creepy clowns have made occasional appearances. Ask any law enforcement official, doctor, or car accident attorney in Tampa and they’ll have a crazy tale or two to share with you regarding some of the things seen by drivers. The problem lies in their unpredictability. How are you supposed to prepare for an encounter with a ‘mystery monkey’? The answer is, you don’t. So, you can stop trying. Rather, what you should focus on is controlling your reaction and doing it in a way that nothing fazes you. Let’s take a look at some of the dangers that you need to be wary of when you’re cruising down Tampa roads in your car.

Gator, Gator, Everywhere

The wildlife in Tampa has always been quite diverse. However, if there’s a creature that’s a staple of the city, it’s the alligators. From beaches to golf courses, they’re everywhere. So, it makes sense that you’d see some of them on Tampa roads. However, at the end of the day, they’re alligators – cold, vicious, bloodthirsty predators and an encounter with one is not expected to be pleasant.

If you do chance across one of these animals while driving in Tampa, keep calm. The safety of your passengers and yourself lies in your hands. Gators prefer warm, shady places, and so a lot of people check the underside of their vehicle before stepping in. You never know an alligator might be lurking there. Make this a habit if you’re living in a gator-infested part of Tampa.

So, what to do if you’re one of the unfortunate ones whose paths cross with a gator? Stay in your vehicle. If your car is running, turn off the engine. If you decide to step out, be very cautious. The creature might be lurking close by in search of prey… and you don’t want to end up as the main course.

For the Birds

You’re driving to work. It’s a beautiful day outside, and you’re humming along to your favorite tune on the radio. What could go wrong? Thunk! Something hits the front of your car, and the random impact makes you lose control. This is an all too common scenario in Tampa. Injured birds can hold up traffic for hours. The trouble is, you’re not able to avoid them all the time. Sometimes you might have to call the authorities if you find an injured bird. If you think a bird’s in front of your car, halt. Let it finish crossing and alert the drivers behind you as well. You might not always be able to see it prominently, but it pays to be careful.

How to Handle Hail?

Tampa weather is not always the most pleasant. There’s always the chance of heavy thunderstorms and rainfall. But the biggest problem Tampa drivers face is hail — from tiny slivers of ice which are nothing more than a minor irritation to big blocks capable of causing extensive damage. It’s this latter variety you need to watch out for. Unfortunately, hailstorms begin with little to no warning. They might fall from the updraft and damage the hood or roof of your car. Your windshield may also experience some of the damage. If you’re on the road at that moment, it is best if you seek shelter in a parking garage or some other spot and wait until the storm comes to an end.

Driving on Tampa roads is nothing short of eventful. You should always be prepared to deal with the unexpected. In case an accident is unavoidable, get in touch with a car accident attorney in Tampa who can guide you through the whole process. However, don’t forget your doctors; schedule an appointment with one just to be sure that you didn’t sustain any internal damage.


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