Core Subjects of Hospitality Management Course

What Are The Core Subjects of Hospitality Management Course?

Are you looking for a career path that’s set up for success? Don’t know which stream to pursue yet? If you love meeting new people, traveling and discovering new things, then choosing a hospitality management course is the perfect choice for you.

This course is gaining popularity rapidly among youth. After finishing this study program, students can get jobs in the hotel industry, hospitality fields, and other sectors, as well as open their own business. Many entrepreneurs and other influential people finished their studies in hospitality.

Hotel Management is a 3 to 4-year course. After doing the study program, candidates can get jobs in hotel administration, restaurants, airlines, cruise lines, MNCs, food service, food preparation and marketing, management. The study program prepares candidates to enter in the field of hospitality as managers and leaders with a strategic approach to business. Additional hospitality management course and professional training gained in the hospitality services enables candidates to become successful entrepreneurs. It includes hands-on hospitality courses and management theory with professional internships.

Duration of Course

The duration of BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management) is three years. Every academic year includes two semesters. Every semester contains 16 to 20 weeks lab work and class work.

After theory classes, candidates need to go through industry exposure. The training in industries mainly takes place in the 5th and 6th semester of the course. The training duration is 6 to 9 months.

During the course, every reputed hospitality management college provides advanced knowledge which is essential for your career. Expert and well-qualified teachers are available for you in the college.

Course Objective

The objective of the course is to develop hospitality skills within aspirants and train them for hotel industry jobs, as well as opening the field to hospitality’s allied sectors which include luxury, retail, banking and financial services, beauty and wellness as well as aviation and cruise. Extensive knowledge of these subjects is provided to the students. This industry is huge and glamorous, with many fields offering an attractive salary package and perks.

Apart from that, the program provides personality development classes to the candidates for their overall personality development. For those who are interested in food and beverages, the program offers necessary knowledge of nutrition, food safety and hygiene of international standards.

Types of Hospitality Management Courses

There are 4 main subjects in the study program, which are related to the operational works and management in the hotel industry. These subjects are – Food & Beverage Service, Food & Beverage Production, Housekeeping and Front Office. The key subjects have 2 important parts: Practicals and Theory. There are some non-core subjects too, which are significant for the aspirants as they assist them to understand the main subjects in a better way. Teachers guide the students and provide deep knowledge of each and every subject so that they are industry ready when the apply for the jobs.

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