What makes Bangalore such a Lovable City?


There are so many factors that contribute to making Bangalore such a brilliant holiday destination that it is. Although everything cannot be listed out, this article attempts to talk about some of the factors that make Bangalore such a loveable city.

When you put together all the things that matter to make a city a great holiday destination, Bangalore has it all! From beautiful historical gems to long stretches of greens, the city has it all. It also highly appeals to the youngsters in the country as the city is young, glitzy and exciting. These youngsters also usually take the Bangalore to Goa flights Air Asia and head on over to Goa for some more partying and fun. Here are some of the reasons why Bangalore is one of the top visited cities in India.


  • The climate – This has to be clearly one of the first things that stand out in Bangalore. From the moment you step foot in Bangalore, you will notice the beautiful climate of the city with cool breeze hitting your face even during peak summers. The temperature hovers around 20-22 degree Celsius even during peak summer seasons of June-July.
  • The locals – The people in Bangalore are very hospitable in nature. While on your trip there, you can ask any wayfaring stranger for the way if you get lost or your google maps stop responding, he/she will guide you are your cab driver to exactly where you need to go and the shortest route to it.
  • Food paradise – Bangalore is the ultimate astronomical haven in India. Whether it is the modest South Indian cuisine you aim for or the elaborate and sophisticated international cuisine you wish to try, Bangalore has the answer to it all. There is such a diverse group of fine dining restaurants you get to choose from in Bangalore.
  • Pubs and cafes – If you are looking for an all-night partying session, then there are some elusive places in Bangalore you can head out for, but if you are looking for a feel-good drinking session with some comfort food, you are in for a treat! Bangalore has the best line of pubs, breweries and cafes serving good drinks and delicious pub grubs.
  • The Shopping experience – From towering shopping malls to street markets, Bangalore offers a great shopping experience for all. Places like commercial street give you the ultimate street shopping experience, while popular malls like Forum mall, Phoenix mall, Oasis mall and Orion mall satisfy your craving for shopping for high-end branded and designer clothing. Visit during the end of a season and be a part of the huge end of season sales in the malls.

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