Who to Visit in Case of Back Pain

Chronic back pain is one of the most common disorders seen today. Sedentary jobs, an inactive lifestyle are the leading causes for the increase in back pain patients today. While it may seem that all your problems are just centered around your back and a trip to a back doctor Boynton Beach will fix it, the reality is often a bit more convoluted.

To being with, back pain itself is more complicated than other pains that plague you now and then. In this case, we are dealing with the spinal cord, one of our most important and delicate systems. The nature of problem itself could be varied — from a displaced bone to an injury. Consequently, there are also different specializations in back pain.

As in case of other chronic pains, the initial consultation starts with the primary care providers who may or may not refer you to specialists. This depends on the severity of the pain and the complication. Or you may get referred to a therapist whose specialty lies more in rehabilitation. Sometimes, therapists also come into play after specialists have done their job. Let us look at these in detail in the context of back pain:

Primary care providers: These are the back doctor in Boynton Beach that we first rush to when we have a persistent back pain. In general medicine this is akin to the family doctor or the general practitioner. In case of back pain, we look for osteopathic doctors or chiropractors.

Since back pain is very often a result of bad posture or correcting a healing injury, their initial recommendation is enough to bring a relief. In some cases, such as an injury, infection or nerve damage, the doctor may refer us to a specialist. They may also refer you to a therapist.

Specialists: Back pain specialists are usually spine specialists who have an in-depth knowledge and often surgical expertise in their field. However, their field of expertise is often quite narrow. They are often seen as the last option, when other forms of rehabilitation have failed. Back specialists include spine surgeons, physiatrists and anesthesiologists.

Therapists: These doctors often focus on the rehabilitation aspect of the injury, using different means to strengthen muscles and bones. They include physical, occupational and even psychological therapists. In most cases your primary giver and even the expert will refer you to a therapist. They are also vital in rehabilitating patients recovering from surgery.

So, if you are looking for back doctor Boynton Beach, book an appointment according to your severity of pain at your nearest specialty.

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