Big Data

Why Should You Care about Big Data

Enterprise-wide implementation of big data analytics is not a choice anymore, it has become obligatory for the companies to stay afloat in the competitive market. A survey reveals that 89% of the companies surveyed have some sort of analytics project running. These days going out of business is one of the easiest things to do and the only way to avoid that is to understand the consumer. Keeping track of the transactional data regarding sales and profits is no longer enough. Enterprisers have repeatedly emphasized the need for connecting with the consumer at a very personal level. These can only be done by interpreting the unstructured data created by the certain consumer in various cyber platforms. In turn, those same platforms can be used to plant an impression in the consumer’s mind about some product. Data and access to data seem to be the key factor in the whole equation – this is why data has become so big, this is why we have big data. Want it or not, you are anyway a part of the greater scheme of things.

How can you benefit?

Everyone plays either of three roles – a consumer, an employer and an employee, not that these are mutually exclusive roles; a producer is also a consumer. If you are an employee who is looking for better jobs or better security at the workplace nothing can be more suitable for you than a big data online course. The reasons are very simple.

  • Data-driven technologies are on the rise.
  • You can scale up to learn new skills as demanded by the market.
  • Online course lets you choose your time, place and pace of learning.

From process reimagination to employee retention Employers are reaping the benefits

The implications of deploying big data analytics are well known. The essential part is to have capable professionals in place to run the analytics missions. Through proper analysis of structured and unstructured data collected from various sources, crucial decisions are made.

But in the case of employing the right people too, big data analytics can be of great assistance. HR analytics is a popular phenomenon which helps you get hold of the best-suited employees for your firm. According to a report by Gartner, companies around the world are planning to dedicate 70% more resources for finding talent through data analytics.

As a consumer, you simply get much better and more personalized service in all aspects of your consumer life. Be it getting information about road traffic or finding the best-suited product for a certain purpose, big data use the information created by you to serve you in the best way possible.

Apart from that all public services like healthcare, banking, cyber security, transportation, have all benefitted greatly from big data analytics. The implications are literally unlimited.

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