Why Staying In Calangute Hotels is a Win-Win Deal

Alluring, mesmerizing, psychedelic, zesty and at times—when it’s not crowded, it has energy very different from what we usually hear about. These are some of the common adjectives that you would often hear about Calangute beach resorts in Goa.

Here are top activities you can enjoy doing at Calangute beach resorts (recommended by travelers and locals).

Fort Exploration

For close to thirty decades, Goa was home to Portuguese armada and chieftains who would anchor at the Western seaports of India. The most popular forts in the state are Chapora, Aguada and Corjuem. These forts are easily accessible from Calangute resorts, echoing the essence of long-cherished Goan history.

Exclusive Experience of Goan Food Festival

If you are in Goa, you are set for a gastronomic treat of its kind. The local Goan flavor mixed with Maratha and Portuguese spices makes the cuisine heavenly. Some locals say that the staple dishes haven’t changed a bit since the 16th century when Portuguese Viceroy Alfonso de Noronha was at the helm in Goa.

Churches and Cathedrals

It’s called the Vatican of Asia for all the right reasons. There are over 100 small and big churches and cathedrals. Some of the most prominent tourist spots in Goa are St. Francis of Assisi Church, Basilica of Bom Jesus and St. Augustine Church. These are all accessible from Calangute beach hotels and resorts within a driving time of 60 to 90 minutes.

Goa Temples

Konkani saints and deities are equally revered in Goa. There are over 400 big temples in Goa, with most laying a circuit connecting Shantadurga Temple (Kavlem), Mahalaxmi Temple (Bandoda), and Tamdi Surla Mahadeva Temple (Surla).

Eccentric Night Time

Nightclubs and pubs are popular hotspots for young and old alike. The minimum age to get an entry at these clubs is 21 years. The patrons throng to the clubs with their friends and special companions. Drinks and beverages are served with special snack platters, enlivened with electronic dance music and live orchestra.

Goa Wildlife

Hotels in Calangute Goa near the beach are also known for their delectable attention to details in wildlife and artifact collections. Bondla, Cotiago, and Verlem Netravati Wildlife reserves are reminiscent of the Jurassic Era when the Southern Hemisphere was dotted with tall trees, mangroves, and lagoon-drenched water hyacinths. Dolphins are common sights in these lagoons.

If you are staying close to Calangute beach, you have the best chance to experience the sub-tropical hill setting with a staggering view of the palms, coconuts and cashew trees.

Honeymoon Hotspots

If you are in Goa, you can’t miss the legend of Dona Paula near Panaji. Located within a radius of 5 kilometers from Panaji, this small beach spot is lined with souvenir shops, curio collection shacks, food stalls, and water sports hubs.

Hotels in Calangute Goa near beach and plantations are most revered for their aesthetic appeal and popularity among Indian tourist and foreigners. Offered with a complete package for vacation, Calangute beach in Goa is the first choice among international travelers.

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