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Why US Businesses are constantly looking for Call Centre India Services?

It’s no surprise that Indian call centers are attracting more business clients every year. Now the question is what makes this country the center of outsourcing attraction? Obviously, as most of us know the most obvious answers include cheap labor, skilled professionals and advanced technology available at call centers.

Call center outsourcing isn’t new to India. The country has already gained so much fame and businesses across the globe are already outsourcing their business to India for many years. Therefore, it indicates that apart from cheap labor and skilled professional, there’s a lot more to know about why US businesses are interested in outsourcing their businesses to India.

Why are US businesses opting to Outsource to India?

Below I have listed six reasons for why businesses are looking to outsource to India. I am sure that at end of the article you too will think that it is worth to outsource businesses to India.

Highly educated and motivated workforce

India constitutes 356 million youth, becoming a country with the world’s largest youth population as per the UN’s latest report. Out of 356 million youth population, India produces 2 million English speaking graduates along with 75,000 IT graduates every year. Undoubtedly, the figure of educated youth is very high. Additionally, the education system of India is somewhat influenced by the countries like the United States and Australia which gives India an edge to diminish the cultural and language barrier between the caller and the customer.

Cost-effective labor

As compared to America, India has a very cost-effective yet, proficient labor. A resource stated that on an average, considering both technology and communication costs, America spends $20 per hour on a technical expert. However, in India, it just costs $12 per hour on a single call center labor. This way businesses in the USA can save a lot more by offshore outsourcing their tasks to India.

Opulent experience

For the very first time, in the late 90s, when the US businesses were looking to outsource their operations to a foreign country, India was the first country to take the lead. The US business owners found the country very much eligible to do business with because of the cheap and highly proficient professionals. Since then India has gained an eminent position as the leading outsourcing country in the world.

According to a survey, 80% US and European ranked India as their number one outsourcing firm. Not only this, but the NASSCOM (National Association of Software & Service Companies) also reported that Indian outsourcing firms were the first choice of almost half of the Fortune 500 companies to outsource software development.

Round-the-clock service

India is 9 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Washington, DC. In total, the US has 9 time zones but the time zone won’t be the factor to not to do business with Indian outsourcing firm. Because Indian call centers provide round the clock services to their partnering firms, hence assisting the customers any time they need help. This could be another reason why US-based businesses prefer to outsource to call center India.

Access to the latest technologies

India is a tech-centric country, which is never deprived of the latest technologies. Service providers in India firmly believe that the latest technology helps in making business processes easier and smarter. With the use of the latest technology, the firms remain updated with every new and effective marketing and business insights that arrive in the market.

Language and cultural competency

Before sending agents on the work floor, call centers in India provide an extensive language and cultural training to agents. Although many companies hesitate to outsource their businesses to India because of the culture gap, it didn’t remain the factor to consider anymore. In fact, the US call center agents are just high school or diploma passed whereas India has a large number of call center agents with a graduate degree and hence, they are highly competent and professional.

Final words

India is constantly looking to implement better strategies so that it can always be ahead of its competitors that have recently stepped their foot in the market. Because the competitor countries are new to the market, they are offering to outsource at the cheapest price and their agents have better fluency. However, India doesn’t focus on a single aspect but considers a comprehensive approach when it comes to offering outsourcing services efficiently.

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