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Why your business needs an order taking call centre?

If you are a business who is looking to scale up, the best decision for you at this point of time would be to outsource the order taking call centre function. If expanding your business is what you are looking for currently, you should focus on taking more and more orders.

Delegating this task is important as when you will be making plans to market & advertise your product and implementing the same, you will see a surge in the orders you receive. Wirth the rise in orders, the problem, and queries related to delivery time or any other thing. Imagine this scenario, in-house. Won’t it become quite troublesome for you? Obviously, it would be. What would you like to focus more on in-house – the advertising campaigns or the order queries?

That is why it is necessary for you to find a reliant and efficient order taking call centre. However, if you are still not convinced, take a look at the points below-

Cross- and Up-Selling

While you will be running your own campaigns across social media channels and everywhere else, the order taking call centre along with taking orders would also be investing their time in persuading the customers to buy more. They will suggest the products that will complement the product they are already buying or will let them know about the huge discount offers on their products they might be interested in buying.

Streamlines the Order Processing

Instead of making your in-house employees consolidate orders and wasting their time and energy, you can turn the task to a call centre. It will help your business in updating the orders in real- time by making use of latest technology. This will fasten the whole order and delivering process which will lead to a happier customer.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

The customers love talking to agents who talk after ascertaining what they want to hear from them. The friendly, empathetic and polite tone used by the professional agents is incomparable to the tone used by your in-house employees. Hence, an order taking call centre also allows you to increase the satisfaction level of your customers. This also helps in increasing the rapport of your business.

Convert Inquiry Calls into Sales

It is always better to not reveal everything in the advertising campaign and let there be a hint of curiosity in the minds of the public. This will make them call your call centre and will aid you with one more chance to convince each of them individually to buy your product. The call centre agents know the pain points and the ways to tackle the callers who have called for inquiring. Most of the times they succeed in turning the potential customers into the current ones. So, a call centre helps in turning a prospect into a customer.

Free Up In-House Resources

The in-house resources get more time to focus on their core tasks which help them in speeding the growth and expansion process of your business. After the order-taking is outsourced the employees won’t need to attend calls, process orders and manage every other thing.

Focus on Main Business Activities

When orders are outsourced, your business gets more time to research and find its unique selling points. It also helps in analyzing what your competitors have better than you and common with you.

No Language Barriers

The agents of UK based or India based call centres have an accent that is easy for everyone to understand. A customer will find it easy to understand the accent of the agents.


The outsourcing call centre charge you way less than the cost you would require to set your call centres in-house. Moreover, they are more professional and polite. Besides this, they also are better at increasing the sales and keeping the customers happy.

Faster Order Entry

This task is full of chaos and hassle for those who are not hired for this. So, involving in-house employees in this makes it more prone to errors. Errors mean more complaints which in turn means more time of the employees will get consumed by the calls.

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