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Your Keenness for Piousness Ends here at Varanasi

Varanasi is a very popular city and is visited by flocks of travellersfrom around the world. Whether you talk about religious souls, devotees or traveling buffs in general, everybody loves to visit the city because of its richness and diversity of spots.

Well, Varanasi, the consecrated city of India, is also called Benaras and Kashi. It is apparent that Varanasi is extremely famous pilgrimage point for Hindus. Not just the Hindus but people belonging to other religions too visit the city for experiencing its extensiveness. Of course, if you have plans to visit this city, you can easily get Varanasi hotel booking done prior in time.

Are You Ready to Satisfy Your Thirst?

There are numerous Religious destinations scattered on this land of piousness. These places will leave you tranquil and refresh. So, let us walk through the most hallowed spots of Varanasi.

Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Your trip to Varanasi would remain void if you don’t visit Kashi Vishwanath Temple. This splendid temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. It has also beenreferred to in the sacred scriptures. The structure of this temple contains sequences of tinier shrines situated in the Vishwanath Galli.

This temple is one of the most Well-known temples in Varanasi. It is also called the Golden temple devoted to the Lord Shiva. It was built in the year 1780 by Maratha monarch Maharani AhilyabaiHolkar of Indore. The temple is situated at the western bank of the hallowed river Ganga.

Durga Temple

Durga Temple is also known as the monkey temple. It is because of existence of so many monkeys all over the area. The temple is among the legendary spots to see in Varanasi. It was constructed in the 18th century by a Bengali Maharani. The style of the temple is Nagara, which means the North Indian chic of temple architecture. The temple is painted red along with ochre. It has been believed that the idol of Goddess Durga in this temple was not built; it existed on its own.

TulsiManas Temple

TulsiManas temple is another extremely popular temple of Varanasi. This temple is situated near the celebrated Durga temple. It was formed in white marble in the year 1964. The temple has been made a lot more charming by the superb landscaping around it.

TulsiManas temple is devoted to lord Ram. It has been believed to be constructed at the same spot where Tulsidas wrote the well renowned Indian epic Ramcharitamanasa. The splendid walls of this TulsiManas temple are etched with scenes and verses from the Ramcharitamanasa which is the Hindi version of the Ramayana. This temple remains open from 5. 30 in the morning to noon and 3. 30 pm to 9 PM.

In a nutshell, these were just a few spots, once you are under the realm of Varanasi; you are going to be brimmed with religiousness all around you. The religious destinations and spiritual Ghats will leave you amazed. So, when are you going to do booking resort Varanasi for your stay?


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